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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Rancho Palos Verdes, LA County, California


Are you fed up with laundry and want to get your weekends back? Worry no more because HappyNest is now in Rancho Palos Verdes. Let us do the dirty work for you, so you have more time to see more of your city and do the things laundry prevents you from enjoying.

Get Fresh With Us

Are you a busy stay-at-home mom who hardly finds time to do the family’s laundry or a working professional who wants a professional laundry service? If so, HappyNest is here to do your laundry for you.

Most people hate laundry and don’t look forward to the task, but the crews at HappyNest enjoy it. Don’t risk spoiling your delicate fabrics or doing a poor job, yet you have a wash and fold laundry service you can trust.

How it Works

We’ve made laundry convenient because we want you to spend less time worrying about it. Here’s how the HappyNest pickup and delivery laundry service works:

  • Schedule a Collection

To start using our service, head to the HappyNest website or Android or iOS mobile app to sign up and complete the registration form. We’ll confirm your registration and preferences and you've scheduled a pickup, then HappyNest will send a driver to collect your laundry at your designated location. Our standard turnaround time for laundry collection is one day.

  • Laundry Pick Up

We collect clients’ laundry from their designated location without requiring them to be there in person. After collection, you’ll receive a notification confirming that your laundry is on its way to HappyNest for wash/dry/fold.

  • Cleaning

We only use eco-friendly detergents when cleaning customers’ garments. Our team is also well-trained to handle even the most delicate fabrics. We also fold and sanitize customers’ fabrics and linens before packing them in eco-friendly bags for delivery. Automated laundry tracking provides the utmost accountability for all orders.

  • Delivery

Within 24 hours, your freshly cleaned and pressed clothes will get delivered to your home or any other chosen location. A notification will be sent to you confirming the delivery of your laundry.

Why Customers love HappyNest

We are the premier full-service laundry company in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. and here’s why customers prefer us over our competitors:


With HappyNest, you’ll have your laundry collected, washed, and delivered how and when you want. We are also flexible and simple, thanks to our pretty straightforward ordering process. No laundry service in Rancho Palos Verdes in LA Country can hold a candle to the convenience we provide you.


Our services are available round the clock, so you can schedule the pickup and delivery laundry service any time you like. Also, we handle our customers’ laundry with the utmost care. As a quality guarantee, we can re-clean your garments and fabrics for free. What’s more, our customer service team is available 24/7 to listen and respond to all your needs.

A-Z Tracking

You can track your residential or light commercial order right from the time you schedule a pickup until delivery. We do this to ensure you’re part of the process while ensuring there’s no loss of items. A true chain of custody for your laundry.


Even with your stretched budget, you can still access HappyNest wash and fold laundry services. We believe laundry shouldn’t be an additional cost, which is why our rates are affordable.

Don’t struggle with laundry, yet there’s a partner you can trust with all your needs. Leave the task to the experts at HappyNest and reclaim your weekends. Sign up today to schedule your first pickup.

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