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Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service in Palos Verdes Peninsula, LA County, California


Although washing your fabrics at home or in a laundromat sounds like a good option, that’s not always the case. If you live in Palos Verdes Peninsula and the nearby communities in LA County, there will be days when you won’t have the time to do your laundry. This is where California’s number one laundry service, HappyNest, comes in. We provide a range of laundry pickup and delivery services to save you time and money.

The Laundry Service that Cares About You

At HappyNest, we’re dedicated to alleviating your laundry problems so that you enjoy living and working in the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Here are some advantages of making us your go-to laundry service:

Saves You Money

Taking your clothes to laundromats for washing may seem cheap on paper, but it’s expensive in the long run. If you consider the money you spend going and from a laundromat, you’ll realize it isn’t worth the cost. If you opt to purchase a washing machine so that you do your laundry from home, the initial outlay will be worth thousands of dollars.

Scheduling our wash and fold laundry service saves you from the trouble of purchasing expensive laundry equipment, supplies such as detergents, and utility bills.

Saves Time

Thanks to the busy nature of life in LA County and elsewhere, few people hardly find time to launder their fabrics at home, leave alone going to a laundromat. HappyNest offers you an excellent way to save time, especially if you have a busy household or business. Thanks to our convenient pickup and delivery laundry service, you’ll have your fabrics cleaned by experts while you focus on other important tasks at your home/workplace.

It’s easier than ever to access our wash and fold laundry services because all you need to do is sign up and place an order at any time of the day. We’ll pick and deliver your laundry on time. So, however busy you are, you can rest easy knowing too well that you have a laundry partner that saves you time.

Eco-Friendly Laundry

Our cleaning methods and agents don’t harm the environment or your fabrics. We only use eco-friendly detergents to safeguard your fabrics and your skin. Our laundry experts also understand that your laundry pile comprises items made of different fabrics.

Each item is washed individually to preserve the fabrics while getting rid of the toughest stains. Besides cleaning your fabrics, we also focus on preventing color bleeding and shrinkage. Hence, your fabrics will look and feel new every time you use them.

We Offer A Variety of Options

We’ve been in the laundry business for over two decades and operate in 29 states plus D.C.. As a result, we have the experience and equipment to offer a wide range of laundry services. When scheduling your first pickup, you’ll need to tell us about your laundry preferences, and we’ll wash your items to your specifications.

How HappyNest Works

We’re dedicated to making laundry convenient for you. If you live in the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the surrounding areas, enter your ZIP code on our site/app to check whether we service your area. You can also text or call us at (855) 335-9274 to confirm our availability in your area.

If we serve your area, do not hesitate to schedule your first pickup. After that, place your laundry out on your front door, and we’ll do the rest. Within 24 hours, you’ll get your clothes back, washed and folded.

If you live in Palos Verdes Peninsula and have laundry that needs specialized care, do not hesitate to schedule HappyNest’s pickup and delivery laundry service. We want you to do life, not laundry. So, sign up today to get started.

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