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Wash and Fold Laundry Services in Northridge, CA


Have you ever damaged your clothes while washing them? Well, you’re not alone because that commonly happens to those who take that road. However, you can avoid such situations by outsourcing your laundry to the wash and fold experts at HappyNest. With them, there will be no worries about loose seams coming off or buttons getting undone because they know how to preserve your fabrics while washing them. The best part is that HappyNest is now in Northridge.

Customize Your Laundry

We all have unique preferences when it comes to laundry. HappyNest understands that and thus offers personalized laundry services to each client. When you sign up on our app or website, one of the first things we ask you to provide is your laundry preferences. On subsequent orders, we’ll keep those preferences in mind and wash your garments exactly how you prefer.

We also allow you to pack your preferred detergents in the laundry bags after placing your order. Also, leave us a note with laundry instructions, and we’ll act on them. We’re dedicated to ensuring you’re satisfied with the quality of our home and commercial laundry services, which is why we allow you to save a say all through. Indeed, few laundry services in LA County involve you this much.

At the HappyNest laundromat in Northridge, your laundry will be washed separately from others. So, you don’t have to worry about your fabrics getting mixed up with other clients’ or infections passing from one heap to another. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing can be more convenient.

Commercial Laundry Services

Northridge is among the fastest-growing cities in LA County. With businesses booming, there’s always laundry to wash. If you own or manage a gym, spa, salon, barbershop, surgical office, day-care, or any other business that produces lots of towels, linens, and other mission-critical laundries, you need a reliable wash and fold laundry service like HappyNest.

We want you to focus on running your business and not setting up an expensive in-house laundry operation. Our light commercial laundry team will keep your business supplied with fresh linens every day so that you focus on serving your customers. While at it, you’ll also reduce your business expenses significantly.

Clean laundry is essential to your health and the success of your business. So, trust HappyNest for exemplary home and commercial laundry services. Sign up today to order your first pickup and experience laundry with a difference.

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