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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Newbury Park, CA


For many people in Newbury Park and other cities in Ventura County, life would be a lot easier if they never had any laundry to do. So, how about making that a reality by outsourcing the chore to the wash and fold laundry experts at HappyNest? We’re here to ensure that laundry never bothers you again and that you live your life to the fullest.

Professional Laundry Service

When you outsource your laundry to just anyone, you can never be too sure of the results you’ll get. With HappyNest, you’re guaranteed quality services consistently. We take great pride in our ability to put smiles on our clients’ faces by washing their fabrics to the highest standard. When you trust us with your laundry, you’ll understand why we’re California’s go-to wash and fold service.

As part of our commitment to satisfying our customers’ demands, our laundry services are quality-guaranteed. Our laundry team comprises experts with several years of experience in the business. When your laundry is brought to them, they not only provide a thorough wash but also protect the delicate fabrics, buttons, and zippers from damage.

HappyNest washes clients’ laundry in energy-rated machines that preserve the fabrics and colors. Besides, we guarantee the quality of our wash and fold services, which is why we offer a re-clean to those who aren’t satisfied with our service. Thus, you can never go wrong when you trust Newbury Park’s number one laundry service with your garments.

We Do More than Laundry

Since we started, we’ve maintained the tradition of providing more than merely washing our customers’ clothes. If your beloved wedding dress has a wine stain that won’t go away and you’re wary about ruining the delicate fabrics, let us do the job, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

Other complementary services we provide on-request include color preservation. We also provide our clients with HappyNest-branded hangers, so all you need to do when your garments are brought back is hang them in your closest.

Best-In-Class Commercial Laundry

Does your business produce lots of linens, towels, and other fabrics that need constant washing? Don’t struggle with the chore because it will ultimately overwhelm you. Instead, leave it to our light commercial laundry experts to do what they know best, so you focus on running your business.

Thanks to HappyNest, doing laundry has never been easier. We want you to enjoy the conveniences that Newbury Park has to offer without worrying about laundry. Sign up today to schedule the laundry pickup and delivery service.

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