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Home and Commercial Laundry Service in Inglewood, LA County, California


If you live, work, or study in Inglewood, an ideal weekend may comprise a trip to the legendary Hollywood Park horse-racing track or a swim at Venice Beach. After a long week, the last thing you want to think about is doing laundry. HappyNest is there to do the chore for you, so you have a few extra hours to do the things you enjoy.

At HappyNest, we make tackling your laundry simple. As the number one full-service laundry company in Inglewood, we want you to spend more of your free time doing the things you enjoy and not laundry. Our customers rate us highly because we always deliver on our promise to provide exceptional pickup and delivery services.

Doing Laundry Has Never Been Easier

We pride ourselves on having experienced crews who know how to tackle the toughest stains. HappyNest also invests in high-end laundry equipment, which is why we can handle any job that comes our way.

We’re proud to be the only laundry company in Inglewood that does laundry pickups and next-day deliveries. Others will keep you waiting for days before you get back your laundry, but we do things a bit differently at HappyNest.

When you schedule the laundry pickup and delivery service, we’ll send a driver to your address to collect your items. They will then be brought back to our laundromat for our laundry experts to do what they know best. After that, the laundry will be folded and packed in eco-friendly bags, ready for delivery to your address at your preferred time.

To get started, enter your ZIP code to find out whether we serve your area. If so, sign up on our site/app to schedule your first pickup. If we’re not in your area, do not worry because we’re constantly expanding, and we’ll be there soon.

Laundry With A Difference

HappyNest is the laundry pickup and delivery laundry service with a difference. For instance, you won’t have to pay an extra coin to access our laundry pickup and delivery service. Likewise, if you need your laundry washed and delivered to you the next day, we’re the guys to call.

We understand how busy life in Inglewood can get. Concentrate on living your life to the fullest and worry less about laundry because that’s our forte. With customer convenience and professionalism at the core, HappyNest has grown into a market leader in the laundry business.

Our laundry service extends beyond washing your fabrics. We offer customized services that suit your preferences because we know that every customer is different. For instance, if you prefer having your clothes washed using a specific detergent, that’s what we’ll do. When scheduling the pickup and delivery service, tell us how you like your fabrics washed, and our crews will do it how you want.

Most laundry services in town often outsource customers’ laundry to other laundromats. HappyNest does things differently because we have a well-equipped laundromat in Inglewood. Furthermore, we want you to save money on laundry, which is why you get amazing discounts and offers when you trust us with your laundry. Our services are not only professional but also won’t pinch your pocket.

HappyNest is your best option for home and commercial laundry services in Inglewood, CA. If you’re looking for a convenient, affordable, and reliable service that caters to all your needs, we’re what you need. We look forward to taking laundry off your to-do list so that you enjoy life more. So, sign up today to experience the wash and fold laundry service with a difference.

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