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Full-Service Laundry in Corona, CA


Living in Corona and the nearby communities in Riverside County comes with its perks. However, laundry will always get in the way, which is why you need to outsource the task to professionals. HappyNest is the wash and fold laundry service you need to meet your household and business laundry needs. We want laundry to be the last thing on your mind when the weekend comes because we'll do the job to your satisfaction.

Why Choose HappyNest

Like we’ve always said, it’s okay to seek help with your laundry. Don’t struggle with the chore because chances are you won’t do it properly. Worse still, you may end up damaging your fabrics. So, here are some of the reasons to choose HappyNest.

We Care for You

HappyNest is the home and commercial laundry service that cares for you. We’ve made our laundry ordering process seamless to save you from a lot of stress and trouble. We also use friendly detergents that won’t harm your fabrics or your skin. Besides, our pickup and delivery laundry service is contactless. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this helps to keep your loved ones safe.

We are Affordable

A common misconception about wash and fold laundry services is that they are expensive. Well, other pickup and delivery services may charge you a lot of money, but we care about your finances. Thus, HappyNest charges affordable rates with no hidden charges. We also provide bonuses and discounts to both new and current customers. So, join the bandwagon to save yourself a few bucks.

We are Reliable

HappyNest is the only laundry company in Corona that you can call upon 24/7. We provide round-the-clock pickups and deliveries, as well as on-demand services. Thanks to our express service, you don’t have to wait for the standard 24 hours to elapse so that you get your laundry back. Instead, the items will get delivered to you in as little as seven hours.

We Are Professional

HappyNest boasts over two decades of experience in the laundry business. We always count on our unmatched expertise to wash our clients’ laundry to the highest standard. Besides, we provide specialized services such as stain treatment to keep your fabrics in the best condition for years to come.

If you’re looking for a full-service laundry company in Corona, look no further than HappyNest. We take great pride in the unmatched services that we provide to our clients. So, sign up today to experience our services.

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