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Full-Service Laundry in Chatsworth, CA


Would you rather spend your weekends washing laundry or exploring the beautiful city of Chatsworth? Undoubtedly, many people will choose the latter because laundry sucks. For years, finding a reliable laundry partner in LA County was difficult, but that’s no longer the case. HappyNest is now in town and ready to provide its unmatched wash and fold laundry services to homes and businesses.

The worst thing you can do when it comes to laundry is hire a wash and fold company with no track record of delivering exemplary results. With such companies, quality is never guaranteed since your laundry may get outsourced to third parties. Likewise, if you choose to have an in-house laundry operation at your home or business, you risk doing a poor job, ruining your fabrics, or running high utility bills.

Why HappyNest

Choosing HappyNest as your full-service laundry provider is a no-brainer. We’re a market leader in the business with a presence throughout the State of California. When you choose us to wash your laundry, you get nothing but the best. We employ experienced laundry professionals and also have the best-in-class laundry equipment. Thus, your garments and fabrics will always come back in the best condition.

HappyNest is an eco-friendly laundry partner. At a time when electricity and water supply cuts are common in California due to raging drought, we’re here to help. Don’t incur high utility expenses, yet you can save a lot of money by leaving your laundry to us. Our laundromat in Chatsworth comes equipped with water and energy-efficient laundry equipment. So, by choosing HappyNest, you’ll be playing a key role in saving our planet.

Do You, Not Laundry

With so much to do on weekends, you don’t want to be stuck on laundry. At HappyNest, we pride ourselves on being the home and commercial laundry service that gives clients options when it comes to spending their weekends. Do the things you enjoy and worry less about laundry because we’ve got you covered.

Affordable Pricing

Other pickup and delivery laundry services in Chatsworth may try to squeeze every penny out of you, but HappyNest goes about its business differently. We save you time and money by charging affordable rates for our services. For instance, the pickup and delivery laundry service is free. Also, we provide signing bonuses when you place your first order.

Don’t take chances with wash and fold laundry services that charge you a lot of money without a quality guarantee. Instead, trust HappyNest with the job and see the difference. Sign up today to get started.

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