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You've Got a New Baby and No Time for Laundry?


Nothing is as exciting as welcoming a newborn baby into the family. However, once all the excitement dies, the reality sinks in; there will be endless loads of clothes to wash. Worse still, taking care of the new addition to the family involves a lot of work, and you may not have the time to do laundry.

Don’t Struggle With Laundry

As a parent to an infant, you’ll have a lot of work to do around the house. When you add laundry to the equation, it means you have even less time for the most important job in the world; taking care of the young one.

At HappyNest, we offer a dedicated pickup and delivery laundry service for infants. We understand just how tiring it is to be a new parent and that you may not have the time to do the baby’s laundry. Thus, we leverage our extensive experience to offer a professional wash and fold laundry service for infants.

Why Choose HappyNest?

The greatest benefit of choosing us to do your baby’s laundry is that you’ll have all the time in the world to take care of your infant. No more worrying about squeezing laundry into your already stretched schedule, leave alone worrying about whether you’ll do a thorough job in the first place.

We’ve been handling infant laundry for years. We’ve invested in specialized laundry equipment that can preserve the delicate fabrics and keep your baby’s clothes, fabrics, and linen looking great for years. We not only offer our infant laundry services to parents but also daycare centers and neonatal facilities.

We know that babies have sensitive skin that requires extra care. Therefore, we only wash your child’s laundry using the recommended detergents devoid of harsh chemicals. The detergents we use also help to retain the clothes’ soft feel.

At HappyNest, we have dedicated hypoallergenic washers and dryers at all our laundromats for tacking kids’ laundry. We sanitize the machines after each washing cycle to ensure that no germs or bacteria get passed to your child’s laundry. Besides, we have a dedicated folding area for the young ones’ laundry. This way, the items don’t mix with the other laundry piles we wash.

Whether you need to wash your child’s clothes, blankets, toys, stuffed animals, and any other items, HappyNest is your go-to laundry service. Schedule our pickup and delivery laundry service today, and also feel free to make any inquires about our services.