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Why You Should Sort Your Laundry Before Washing


If laundry were all about loading your washing machine, life would be a little simpler. However, laundry involves so much work, and the most difficult of them is sorting your items. Laundry chores start even before D-day and continue after you’re done washing your garments and fabrics.

To make things a little easier for themselves, some people often ditch sorting their clothes. If this thought has ever crossed your mind, it's best not to succumb to it. That said, here's why you should always sort your laundry:

It Helps With Stain Removal

Arguably, the most significant reason to sort your laundry is that it helps with stain treatment. It's a no-brainer that clothes that are considerably soiled should be washed desperately from those that are not so dirty.

Lumping everything together means that the soiled items won’t get the personal attention needed to get rid of stains. Sorting your clothes allows you to pretreat stains appropriately according to their cause.

Sorting Preserves Colors

When washing your clothes, you undoubtedly want to preserve the colors. Whites should remain whites and darks as such. However, this can’t happen if you wash everything together. It's best to separate your garments before washing to prevent color bleeding.

Although some hi-tech washing machines come with a feature for preventing color-bleeding, you may still want to sort your garments as a precautionary measure. Even when using hi-tech machines, garments that have excess dye will still bleed. Likewise, sorting your garments is important if you’re planning on using black or bluing agents.

Protecting Delicate Fibers

One of the parameters you should use when sorting your garments is fabric composition. For example, it's good practice to wash tough fabrics such as jeans separately from the more delicate fabrics. There are four categories of fabrics, which you should consider. These are towels, delicate, denim, and everything else.

Delicate fabrics include satin, silk, netting, and lace. They need to either be hand washed or laundered on a gentle cycle. On the other hand, denim is heavy and needs to be washed in an intense cycle. If you wash denims and delicate fabrics together, chances are that the latter will take a beating.

If you’re a busy professional or even a stay-at-home mom, you may not find the time for all the prep work that goes into laundry. However, you can still outsource the job to a professional wash and fold service. So, forget about sorting laundry by scheduling your first pick-up and delivery laundry service with HappyNest.