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Why Wash and Fold Service is Popular With Busy Working Professionals


Today, few people have time for laundry days, unlike in the past. The situation is even worse for busy working professionals who hardly find time for social life, leave alone laundry. Many of them opt to have their laundry done by professionals, and it's easy to see why. Here's why busy working professionals are increasingly choosing the wash and fold laundry service:


An advantage of hiring a full-service laundry company that offers wash and fold service is the convenience you get. You’ll not only have your laundry professionally done but it will also be folded and packed in eco-friendly bags. For someone who doesn’t have the time to do all that, the service offers you great convenience.


If you ask anyone around your office about their reasons for choosing the wash and fold service, affordability will be among the key points. Despite all the convenience you get from this service, it's incredibly affordable. For instance, HappyNest charges as little as $1 per pound for the service. This is quite a bargain for any busy working professional who’s looking to save money on laundry.

Quick Turnaround Times

It's incredible that after scheduling the wash and fold laundry service, you can have your items back in as little as 8 hours. With a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours, many working professionals prefer the wash and fold service because it guarantees a constant supply of clean garments and linens. They don’t have to take time off from work to do their laundry, and this allows them to focus on their careers fully.

Free Pickup and Delivery

Most people with busy schedules prefer laundry companies that offer pickup and delivery services. The service is particularly beneficial to those who don’t have the time to deliver and collect their items from laundromats.

Wash and fold companies tailor their pickup and delivery service to fit around each client's needs and schedule. You can have your items collected for washing at any time of the day, and at a location that suits you best. Deliveries are not any different. The best part is that your presence isn’t required during pickups and deliveries.

As a busy working professional, you’ll always have so much on your plate. Laundry shouldn’t be part of your to-do list because HappyNest is there to do the job for you. So, schedule our wash and fold service today to enjoy unmatched laundry service.