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Why do babies create so much laundry?


When pregnant, the first thing that will cross your mind whenever you’re in the shopping mall is stopping by the baby section to check out new items in stock. Indeed, it’s exciting imagining how adorable your baby will look in those cute little clothes.

However, reality often hits when your baby is finally home. No one ever thinks about the prospect of doing laundry because that’s usually at the back of every pregnant mother’s mind. There will be so much laundry to do with the baby around, which begs the question, why do these pretty little things create so much laundry? Well, here’s what you need to know:

Babies Are Messy

Babies can be messy, more so during the first few months of their lives. They often get dirty fast and easily, which means you’ll always have a pile of clothes, blankets, towels, nappies, and even toys to wash. This is something you should expect if you have a newborn on the way. Those cute beings can make a complete mess of themselves, so be ready to have your washing machine and tumble dryer up and running quite often.

Babies’ Clothes Need to Be Changed Pretty Often

On average, an adult needs just one change of clothes per day. However, the same cannot be said of babies. They are playful and messy, which means their clothes need to be changed pretty often. It’s dangerous to have your baby wearing the same clothes all day because there’s also the risk of germs and pathogens breeding. A frequent change of clothes goes a long way in preventing contamination.

Babies Need to Look Cute

No parent wants to keep his/her infant decked out in the same outfit all day long. To do this, you need a constant supply of fresh clothes all day, which means there will always be a pile for you to wash. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when your baby creates so much laundry.

Given that there’s always so much washing to do if you have a baby in the family, the job can be overwhelming. Even so, baby laundry requires specialized care, thus the need to leave the job with wash and fold laundry experts. HappyNest is one such service. We provide a dedicated pickup and delivery laundry service for infants to ensure that your little ones look adorable at all times. Schedule the service today to experience our expertise.