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Why DIY Laundry isn't the Right Way to Go


Why DIY Laundry isn’t the Right Way to Go

If you dread laundry days, you’re not alone. Not may people look forward to the chore because it’s plain boring and tiresome. If you still spend entire weekends doing laundry, you have all the reasons to stop. Here's why DIY laundry isn’t the right way to go:

A Professional Service Can Do the Job for You

If you hire someone to tend to your garden, do your grocery shopping, and even walk your dog, there's no harm in hiring a home and commercial laundry service. With reliable laundry companies such as HappyNest at your disposal, it makes no sense for you to spend your free time sorting, washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes.

It Takes too Much of Your Time

Laundry doesn’t only involve loading your washing machine and waiting for the wash cycles to end. A lot needs to be done to ensure that the entire operation succeeds. Before laundry day, you must sort and pre-treat your items.

After washing, your items need to be dried, ironed, and folded for storage. All this can take days, especially if you’re doing your whole family's laundry. Thankfully, you can reclaim much of that time by outsourcing your laundry to a pickup and delivery laundry service.

It's Costly

Many people take the DIY route with their laundry because they think it helps them save money. The truth, however, is that you spend more money in the long run when you do your laundry at home. To wash your fabrics and linens effectively, you must invest in good-quality washing equipment, and these don’t come cheap.

Besides the initial outlay, you’ll incur hundreds of dollars every month in utility bills and maintenance costs. Whenever there's a laundry pile to tackle, you’ll also need to purchase detergents and other cleaning accessories. These costs can add up to thousands of dollars every year. With a laundry service, there's no initial outlay on expensive laundry equipment. You’ll only pay for the service, and nothing more.

You're not a Laundry Expert

Why should you struggle with something you’re not good at? When you wash your laundry, there's no guarantee of a thorough cleaning job. So leave it to a wash and fold laundry service and create more time for the things you're good at.

Thanks to HappyNest, doing laundry has never been easier. With a simple touch of a button, all your items will be washed and delivered to you. So say goodbye to DIY laundry and schedule the pickup and delivery service today.