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Still waiting for a new washer and dryer for your home?


In the Meantime...

Washers and dryers break down too often. When this happens, your laundry pile won’t stop getting bigger. Actually, the risk of getting overwhelmed by laundry will become even more prominent because you won’t be tackling your pile in the first place.

When washing machines and dryers break down, you have two options; either repair them or replace them together. So, let's take a look at both options to see which of them suits you, and what you can do while awaiting to replace or repair your washer or dryer.

Repairing Your Washer and Dryer

The first thing that crosses many people's minds when washers and dryers break down is to replace them. Calling a repair service may be the easiest option on the table, but, is a quick fix guaranteed? Before you call a repair service, it's best to remember that it could take weeks or even months for your washer or dryer to get fixed.

There's always a long waiting list, which will prevent you from having your washing machines and dryers fixed as soon as they break down. Besides, once the equipment breaks down for the first time, they are likely to keep malfunctioning even after fixing them. Thus, a repair is never the best option if your laundry equipment malfunction.

Replacing Your Washing Equipment

When washers and dryers break down, one of the options you have is replacing them. The advantage of replacing old, worn out, and malfunctioning washing machines and dryers is that you’ll get newer, more advanced, and more efficient equipment that will serve you for some time.

However, washing machines and dryers can easily cost thousands of dollars. Few people have that kind of money sitting around. An average person will need a couple of months to save up enough money to purchase new laundry equipment.

How About a Laundry Service?

Rather than going through the hassle of repairing or replacing broken-down washing machines and dryers, you should consider hiring a laundry service. Laundry doesn’t stop mounting when your washing equipment breaks down. A laundry service will cater to your needs while you wait to fix or repair your washer and dryer.

You should even consider this a long-term option because, with a laundry service, you won’t even need to fix the faulty equipment or purchase new ones in the first place. The cost of outsourcing the service is far lower than what you’d pay to install and maintain washing equipment at your home or business.  Try HappyNest today.