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Tips for Saving Money on Your Laundry


From DIY laundry to laundromats, and wash and fold services, you have many options when it comes to washing your fabrics and linens. As it’s the case with other things going in in your life, you’ll want to save a few dollars whenever you do your laundry. So, here are some tips for saving money on your laundry:

Avoid DIY Laundry

If you wash your laundry at home thinking that it saves you money, you're wrong. DIY laundry is expensive due to the huge initial outlay and running costs. It costs an arm and leg to purchase washers and dryers, and maintain them. With the wash and fold service, the only expense you’ll incur is the cost of washing your items. No buying laundry equipment or even detergents.

Choose a Full-Service Laundry Company

As an Internet search will reveal, there are dozens of laundry companies in your locality. It's best to work with a service that will help you save money. For instance, a full-service laundry company like HappyNest offers value-addition services such as free pickups and deliveries, and folding and ironing. Thus, you won’t spend an extra penny on your laundry when you hire such companies.

Look Out for Specials and Discounts

Do you know that you can have your laundry done at a discount? Well, home and commercial laundry companies offer specials, discounts, and bonuses that you can leverage to do your laundry on the cheap. For instance, HappyNest has a signing up discount for new customers. You’ll save a few coins if you take advantage of such.

Find a Reliable Laundry Company

Saving money on laundry starts with finding a reliable linen service. Not everyone you come across guarantees professional services. A company that offers value for money isn’t necessarily one that charges the lowest price. To save money, find a company whose rates match the range of services offered.

If you can save money when hiring other professionals, it's also possible to save money on laundry. Outsourcing your laundry needs to HappyNest is the surest way to save money because our rates are affordable. We also offer amazing discounts and bonuses to both new and repeat customers. Schedule your first pickup today to start saving money on your laundry.