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Three Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Laundry in Cold Water


Most people use warm water to wash their laundry. For years, one of the major myths regarding laundry is that warm water does an excellent job at getting rid of stains and germs from fabrics. However, today’s washing machines are advanced, which negates the need for high-temperature wash cycles. So, here are the three main reasons to wash your laundry in cold water:

  1. Energy Savings

Switching from hot to cold water can reduce your energy use by up to 50%. Thanks to the growing popularity of high-efficient washing machines, your laundry can get by with lower water temperatures. Typically, 90% of energy consumption in a wash cycle goes towards heating the water. Pre-heating the water before you start doing your laundry is needless because the water will still be heated by the machine.

  1. Cold Water Protects Your Fabrics

Cold water is gentler on your fabrics than hot water because it doesn’t cause color bleeding, fading, and deterioration the same way hot water does in wash cycles. Besides, it can reduce wrinkling on your garments, especially if they are made from rayon-based fabrics. However, it’s best to keep in mind that cold water may struggle to get rid of odors.

Warm water is more efficient at removing stubborn odors from laundry. Hot water isn’t necessarily required to get rid of these tough odors during a wash cycle. So, to save on your utility bills, it’s best to soak your smelly fabrics in cold water and pre-rinse with vinegar before throwing them in the washing machine. Vinegar helps to break down the bacteria that cause odors.

  1. Most Detergents Work with Cold Water

Cold-water detergents are specially formulated to include surfactants and enzymes that work well in low temperatures as low as 60°F. The enzymes can effectively break down stains on your fabrics without requiring you to heat your laundry water. Typically, the enzymes in these detergents target a specific type of stain. Thus, warming your laundry water only increases your wash times and utility bills.

Why You Need a Wash and Fold Laundry Service

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