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The Environmental Impact of Doing Your Laundry at Home


Doing your laundry at home has a hidden cost, and it goes beyond purchasing detergents and paying utility bills. It has a significant impact on our planet because wash cycles are not as clean as they might seem. With California and other parts of the US facing a severe drought, there’s no better way to protect the planet than outsourcing your laundry to experts.

How Does Laundry Impact the Environment?

A recent study established that residential laundry cycles account for over 8% of carbon emissions in the US. This may seem surprising, but significant amounts of water and electricity are needed to run washing machines and dryers.

Similarly, the emissions produced shipping washing machines and dryers to different parts of the county are also high. Thus, while washing your laundry at home may seem cheap and convenient, it leaves a significant stain on our planet.

Why Wash and Fold Laundry Services are a Better Option

Hiring a pickup and delivery laundry service is a more environmentally-friendly option to doing your laundry at home. Professional launderers not only use energy-efficient washing machines and dryers, but their machines are also larger. Hence, they can fit more clothes per load, thus reducing the wash and dry cycles and energy consumption.

The same cannot be said of washing laundry at home. Most people are guilty of doing laundry frequently and using old washers that aren’t energy efficient. When a laundry heap is washed at home, multiple cycles may be required. Hence, more soap, water, and electricity are used. With a wash and fold laundry service, fewer cycles will be required, which helps to reduce your laundry’s environmental footprint.

Laundry companies such as HappyNest belong to professional bodies, which require them to observe practices that protect the environment. They use eco-friendly detergents and washing practices and energy-efficient washers and dryers. When washing your laundry at home, you’re not mandated to adhere to any environmentally-friendly practices.

Home and commercial laundry services contribute to sustainability. Your fabrics also last longer when washed professionally, so you don’t need to replace them frequently. The careful handling and treatment of your laundry by professionals also minimizes fading, color-bleeding, and creasing.

Make the Eco-Conscious Decision with HappyNest

One of the best decisions you can make is outsourcing your laundry to home and commercial laundry services. You won’t have to worry about the ecological impact of your laundry or high utility bills because these professionals always get the job done right. So make the eco-conscious decision with your laundry today by outsourcing it to HappyNest.