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Safety at the Laundromat - Use Pickup and Delivery Instead


If you use the laundry facilities on your building, you may have noticed how congested they are on some days. When everyone else wants to do their laundry, you may not have the opportunity to give yours the attention it deserves. The issue of safety at laundromats has also been raised many times.

Most building owners operate laundry services illegally. With this comes the risk of fires and flooding. The washers and dryers rarely get checked out for defects, which means using them could put you in harm’s way. Besides, the facilities are often stretched to the limit, and therefore, disinfection may not be done. Thus, there’s a high risk of exposure to contaminated laundry.  

COVID-19 and the Safety of Laundromats

The COVID 19 pandemic has shown us just how important it is to undertake rigorous cleaning and maintain social distancing to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Indeed, it’s impossible to practice social distancing in a public self-service laundry facility due to congestion. To do so would mean having one person in a laundry room, which isn’t realistic.

Businesses, including those in the laundry service, are required to sanitize their equipment to protect customers and employees. Sanitizing washers and dryers after each customer uses them would be a good safeguard, but you can never be too sure.

Why Choose Laundry Services?

Since your safety at a self-service laundry facility isn’t guaranteed, it makes sense to have your laundry done by professionals. They will pick the laundry at your doorstep and have them cleaned at their facilities before delivering them back. Thus, there’s minimal contact between you and them.

Laundry services not only clean your clothes but also disinfect them. This reduces your risk of getting immunocompromised. Since they use high-tech and well-maintained washers and dryers, there’s little risk of fires, flooding, or even damage to your clothes during cleaning.

In the era of COVID-19 when government and local authorities are advising citizens to only go out for essential services, your best option is to have your clothes cleaned by professionals. You won’t have any contact with outsiders. Besides, the safety of your laundry is guaranteed.