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Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service: Three Things to Know


Pick up and Delivery Laundry Service: Three Things to Know

Many people hire home and commercial laundry services to minimize their workload, and find more time for the things they love the most. If you’re thinking about joining the bandwagon, here are the top three things you should know about pickup and delivery laundry services:

1. Schedules

When you hire a wash and fold laundry service, pickups and deliveries will be scheduled according to your needs and preferences. If you prefer having your laundry done weekly, you’ll have just that. Also, pickup and delivery times and locations will be set according to your schedule. When you schedule the pickup and delivery laundry service, you must stipulate your preferred pickup and delivery location and times.

HappyNest is among laundry companies that offer on-demand services. This targets individuals and business owners with urgent laundry needs, and want their items washed at short notice. If wine spills on your favorite gown, and you don’t want to wait until the scheduled laundry pickup date, you can leverage the on-demand dry service. Rest assured, your needs will be addressed promptly.

2. Pricing

For any budget-conscious customer, price will always be a top consideration when hiring a wash and gold laundry service. The good news is that laundry companies are not there to fleece you, but to help you save a penny. For this reason, they charge you by the pound, and not according to the number of items in your pile.  

HappyNest has a flat-rate wash and fold pricing option to ensure predictability and affordability. When you outsource your laundry to such a reliable service provider, you won’t have to worry about spending more money, especially if you have lots of items to wash.

3. More Fun

It’s sacrilegious to spend much of your free time washing, drying, ironing, and folding clothes. How about you reclaim your weekends by hiring a home and commercial laundry service? No more worries about spending whole weekends doing laundry, or wasting time in traffic driving to and from a laundromat.

A pickup and delivery laundry service gets everything done for you, be it sorting, washing, drying, and folding. You get the opportunity to do you, rather than laundry. Your trusted laundry service is only a click of a button away.

Are you looking for laundry service that collects and returns your clothes clean and ready to wear? If so, schedule your first pickup with HappyNest today.