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My washer broke. What can I do?


Just like any other equipment, washing machines also break with continued use. If this happens, it can be quite a harrowing experience because it means you won’t have the convenience of doing laundry from your home. However, this shouldn’t make you panic because a laundry service can do the task for you professionally. That said, here's what to do if your washing machine breaks down:

Don’t Panic

A broken washing machine doesn’t spell doom because you can still have your laundry done. When it happens in the middle of a wash cycle or just before laundry day, you may feel anxious and worried about how you’ll handle the task. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t panic. The breakdown could be caused by a minor malfunction that you can fix. Therefore, it's best to identify the possible cause of the malfunction before making any conclusion.

Call a Repair Service

It’s a no-brainer that you must call a repair service if your washing machine breaks down. If the machine still carries a warranty, it will be repaired at no extra cost. If it doesn’t, you’ll incur some out-of-pocket expenses. The downside of calling a repair service to fix a washing machine is that repairs often take too long. You're likely to be put on a waiting list that may stretch for months. Therefore, this may not be a suitable option for individuals with urgent laundry needs.

Hire a Laundry Service

If your washer breaks down, your laundry will, unfortunately, keep piling. This is the main reason why many people panic in the first place. A repair service won’t guarantee a quick fix, but a laundry service will sort you out ASAP.

Reliable laundry companies like HappyNest offer on-schedule and by-demand services. The latter can come in handy if your washing machine goes on a fritz. Rather than leaving your pile to grow bigger in the hope that your machine will get fixed, you're better off scheduling a wash and fold laundry service.

When your washing machine breaks down, a lot of questions will run on your mind? Do I call a repair service? How long will it take to fix the issue? What are my options?... The list is endless. However, your best bet is hiring a laundry service to do the job for you. This is both a short-term and long-term solution that even negates the need to purchase a washing machine in the first place.