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Light Commercial Laundry Services - Yoga Studios


More people are taking up yoga. As a result, studios are coming up on every street and corner. If you run a yoga studio, you definitely know that there will always be a lot of towels, mats, uniforms, and other linens and fabrics that need to be washed every day. Managing your laundry while running your business can be overwhelming, thus the need to hire a light commercial laundry company that serves yoga studios.

Do Yoga, Not Laundry

Doing yoga requires the utmost concentration. However, this can only be achieved in a clean environment. Providing clients with clean linens and mats for use doing their sessions improve your studio's appeal, and makes them want to always come back. Moreover, if your staff uniform is in good condition, your studio will have a professional look and feel.

If your studio opens its doors to 100 clients every day, it means at least 100 towels need to be cleaned. This doesn’t include mats and the other linens and fabrics that they use. The bigger your studio is, the bigger its laundry needs will be.

Rather than trying to keep up with your studio's laundry, you should leave the job to a commercial laundry service. For starters, you certainly don’t know how to do laundry or have the equipment needed to thoroughly wash and sanitize your towels, uniforms, mats, and other linens. Furthermore, doing the task yourself will take up too much of your time.

Avoid Stress While Saving Time and Money

For many yoga studio owners, having an in-house laundry operation seems like a sensible decision because it saves the cost of hiring laundry professionals. However, the initial outlay will be huge, given that you’ll need to purchase and maintain expensive laundry equipment. A dedicated laundry service saves you the trouble of investing in an in-house laundry operation.

You’ll never even have to worry about when your laundry needs to be done, and who will handle the task. Once you schedule the pickup and delivery laundry service, your items will be collected at the specified time every week for cleaning, and then brought back to you clean and ready for use.

On-demand wash and fold laundry services are also offered on days when laundry accumulates fast. So, say goodbye to those endless laundry piles at your yoga studio by hiring a dedicated light commercial laundry service like HappyNest.