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Light Commercial Laundry Services - Yachts, Marinas


A lot of laundry needs to be done on both yachts and marinas. Even so, few boat owners and marina managers ever get the time to clean uniforms, beddings, towels, mats, and other fabric. With high expectations and little room for mistakes, the most convenient option is to hire a light commercial laundry service provider for yachts and marinas.

Sail Without Worrying About Laundry

Yachting is associated with luxury. Trying to fit laundry into the picture will only ruin the experience for you. If you own a boat that does commercial charters, there are weeks when it will be fully booked, more so in summer. In such situations, laundry will be a mission impossible task, which needs to be done anyway.

Your crew should focus on giving guests the best experience on the sea and at the marina rather than doing laundry. Therefore, you need someone to do the laundry while you focus on your guests. Commercial laundry services are there to sort you out irrespective of your laundry needs. They work with speed to ensure that all dirty items get cleaned on time and back on board before you sail out.

Do Laundry with Convenience

Imagine how stressful it would be if you had to get bucket loads of dirty linen off your boat before hauling them back? With a light commercial laundry service, you don’t have to do so. Once you give them a call or schedule a pickup with them, a crew car will be sent to the marina to pick up all the dirty laundry for cleaning. Within 24 hours, the cleaned items will be brought back.


With these professionals, you’ll have more time for the things you love- sailing. They offer fast, efficient, and personalized services for each of your luxurious, impressive, and fine linens. Each item will get the individual attention and care it deserves at every stage. Where necessary, minor repairs will be conducted to ensure the items get back to you in the best condition.


Commercial laundry experts that target marinas and yachts understand that they serve clients with high demands and expectations. To meet those expectations, they use state-of-the-art equipment with the latest dry cleaning technology. This guarantees extra care for your fine garments and fabrics. Time is your most precious asset, and therefore, they promise to ensure that your laundry needs are met within the shortest time.