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A need for commercial laundry services: Senior Centers


Senior facilities go through piles of linens every day. Be it blankets, towels, sheets, or clothes, there’s always a lot of washing to do every day. These loads always vary, and therefore, there will be days when you will feel overwhelmed. 

With all the senior citizens at your facility needing your attention, laundry should be the least of your worries. Idling around waiting for your facility’s washers and dryers to finish so that you can load another laundry pile is time-consuming and tiring.

Why it’s Needless to Have an In-House Laundry Team

Purchasing commercial-grade laundry equipment may sound like a sensible and financially savvy decision, but it’s costly in the long run. You’ll incur high utility bills and maintenance costs, just to keep the equipment functioning. Besides, hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house laundry team is expensive. The in-house team may end up offering substandard care to your linens. 

The easiest way to ensure you always have a fresh supply of clean clothes and linens at your senior facility is by outsourcing your laundry needs to light commercial laundry services. These professionals provide affordable, dependable, and quality laundry services that suit all your needs.

Have Your Laundry Done on Time

Arguably, the greatest benefit of outsourcing your laundry to experts is the quick turnaround times they guarantee. Most pickup and delivery laundry service providers use hi-tech washers and dryers with fast cycle times. When you schedule their pickup service, they will pick, wash, and deliver your laundry in 24 hours. With such a fast turnaround time, you’ll never worry about running out of clean linens at your senior center.

When it comes to running facilities for senior citizens, they should be your topmost priority. If laundry keeps getting in the way, it will be hard for you to render high-quality care at the facility. To provide your clients with the professional care they deserve, start by supplying fresh linens to them. However, this can only be achieved if you have your laundry done by experts.

Wash and fold laundry service providers offer a full range of laundry services that suit the needs of both small and large senior centers. Their service line includes everything needed to keep you constantly supplied with fresh linens, towels, and uniforms. So, don’t let laundry worry you. Schedule a pickup and delivery laundry service, and forget about those tiresome trips to the laundry.