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Learn more about a Laundry Service today


In between work, family, and social life, laundry is always somewhere at the back of your mind. For many people, this is a necessary evil that they can’t avoid. Unfortunately, most of us feel that outsourcing our laundry to experts is expensive, and something we can do without. However, it's okay to seek help when it comes to laundry.

The chore takes up a lot of your time every week, and you’d be better off spending that time on the things that matter more to you. It’s needless for you to spend hours on end or even a whole day doing laundry when you could be relaxing instead. Thus, it's best to understand what laundry service is all about, and why you need it.

What are Laundry Services all about?

As the name suggests, laundry services are companies that wash, iron, and fold clothes on behalf of clients. Depending on your needs, you can either choose residential or commercial laundry services. Typically, laundry services target individuals who are too busy to wash their fabrics, linens and garments. This includes business owners, busy working professionals, students, and even stay-at-home moms.

Normally, those that need to have their laundry done drop the items off at a laundromat for cleaning before picking them afterwards. In recent years, things have changed, thanks to the scheduled pickup and delivery laundry services offered by many laundry companies. Today, you can have your laundry collected for cleaning before being delivered back to you at no extra cost.

When you have your laundry done by professionals, you're likely to be charged by the pound. The service charge may also include drying, ironing, folding, and mending. With next-day delivery service that most laundry companies offer, you're guaranteed a quick turnaround.

What are the Benefits of Laundry Services?

The greatest benefit of having your laundry done by experts is the convenience you get. You’ll never have to purchase and maintain expensive laundry equipment at your home or business premises. Besides, you can easily order laundry services via an app or on a website without ever leaving your house.

Thanks to the quick turnaround times, your items will be washed and delivered back to you as soon as you need them. This is particularly beneficial to businesses with more laundry needs. The service is also affordable since it’s designed to accommodate both individuals and businesses.

Are you looking for a full-service laundry company in your area? If so, schedule laundry pickup and delivery service with HappyNest.