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Children Create a Lot of Laundry


Kids Create a Lot of Laundry

If there’s a newborn in your family, there will be tons of laundry to do. When doing the task, it’s best to be thorough because clean laundry goes a long way in keeping your child healthy. Clothes are often the most overlooked germ nest that puts your kids’ health at risk. That said, here’s how to do your child’s laundry:

Preparing the Clothes

The first step to take when doing your kids’ laundry is preparing the clothes that need to get washed. Sort the clothes to separate the whites from the dark-colored items. 

Things to Keep in Mind

There’s so much to keep in mind when washing kids’ clothes. This includes:

  • Choosing the Right Detergent

Children have soft, sensitive skin. You can’t use just any detergent to wash their clothes. Therefore, find a detergent that’s gentle on the young ones’ skin. It’s best to use a non-chemical detergent that’s specifically meant for infants.

  • Check the Label for Instructions

Don’t start washing your kids’ clothes before checking the brand label for instructions. This will give you an idea about how each item will react to the detergent and method of washing.

  • Wash the Clothes Separately

It’s good practice to wash your infant laundry separately from everyone else’s. This way, pathogens from the other clothes won’t transfer to the young ones’ clothes. Likewise, consider setting aside a separate laundry day to do the kids’ laundry because it involves more work than typical laundry.

  • Dry the Clothes in the Sun

Sunlight is not only a natural disinfectant but does minimal harm to your baby’s clothes compared to tumble dryers. If possible, air your baby’s laundry in the sunshine to dry. If not, dry them in a clean, heated, and sterilized room.

  • Hand Wash the Clothes

It’s recommended that you wash your baby’s clothes by hand rather than using a washing machine. Typically, these clothes are made from soft material and may get damaged if you fail to correctly set the washing machine or tumble dryer.

Let Your Infant’s Laundry Be Done by Professionals

We all know that raising an infant involves a lot of work. So, why don’t you save yourself some of the trouble by having the young one’s laundry done by professionals? At HappyNest, we offer professional laundry services for infants. This way, you get to focus on raising your kids rather than doing their laundry. Sign up today to schedule your first pickup and delivery laundry service.