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Horse Blankets, Sheets and Saddle Pads Need Regular Washing


Horse Blankets, Sheets, and Saddle Pads Need Regular Washing

All equestrians love having clean saddle pads, horse blankets, and sheets, but no one likes to wash these equine accessories. Doing human laundry is tedious, but equine laundry is even more difficult because the accessories are often heavy and catch dirt too fast. Worse still a regular washing machine may not be useful when it comes to horse laundry.

The great thing is that equine laundry professionals are there to help with all your cleaning needs. When you outsource the service to them, you won’t have to worry about the cleanliness and health of your horses or the dirt and hair that gets everywhere when you clean the accessories yourself.

Cleaner and Longer-Lasting Blankets

No equine accessory takes a harsher beating than pony blankets. Regular cleaning keeps them in good condition besides getting rid of equine insects such as mite, lice, ticks, flies, and gnats. Equine laundry services use special equipment and detergents that allow for a deep clean. You can’t compare what these washing machines do with what ordinary washers and dryers deliver.

By having your pony blankets, sheets, and saddle pads washed by professionals, you can sit back and worry about other essential aspects of your stable’s operations. The specialized washing equipment and used by these professionals do not damage your equine accessories. The machines come with antibacterial and deep cleaning features to ensure that your pony blankets, sheets, and saddle pads get the proper cleaning they need. However, the same cannot be said of ordinary washing machines in laundromats.

Equine laundry service providers know and have what it takes to get the job done. You can always schedule the pickup and delivery of your equine accessories, which helps save time. After a thorough wash, your horse blankets will be delivered packaged in weatherproof bags to ensure they stay clean and fresh until you need to use them again. Equine laundry services also guarantee a quick turnaround, and, therefore, you’ll never run out of a fresh supply of equine accessories.