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Do the washers and dryers in your building's laundry room got you down?


When deciding where to live, one of the factors that will influence your choice is the presence of a laundry room in the building. As a city dweller with little time to spare, one of the things you undoubtedly abhor is your laundry, although having a washer and dryer in your building makes life a bit more bearable.

On the downside, other residents on your building may want to use the washer and dryer at the same time as you. Furthermore, most washers and dryers installed on residential buildings are not as well-maintained as those in laundromats, which puts them at a higher risk of breakdowns.

Why a Laundromat?

Having a laundry room in your building is essential. Nevertheless, it may not be worth the premium you pay in rent. Most of the laundry equipment on residential buildings tends to be run down and inefficient. Thus, they may not be of great help to moms with families to take care of or busy professionals with tight schedules. Here are the cons of doing your laundry at a laundromat:


Anyone who’s always busy with work knows just how difficult it is to keep up with their weekly laundry. Most busy professionals hardly find time for social activities, leave alone visiting a laundry room. For such individuals, it makes sense to have their laundry done at laundromats. A reliable laundromat in NJ will not only clean your clothes but also pick them and drop them off at the location of your choice. 

More Time for Family and Friends

The hustle and bustle of modern-day life mean people have lesser time for their friends, family, and hobbies. Keeping up with your laundry means you’ll have even less time for the people and things you love. By getting your garments cleaned at a laundry room that offers wash and fold and same-day pick-up and delivery services, you’ll create some time for your family and social life.

Professional Service

Laundry involves a lot of work, from choosing the right type of detergent to pre-soaking the dirty garments and folding them. All this is somewhat boring and time-consuming. Also. You may not have the technical know-how to operate all the equipment in a laundry room. Laundromats are staffed by full-time cleaning experts who have what it takes to clean your laundry quickly and efficiently.

If the washers and dryers in your building’s laundry room keep letting you down, worry no more. Let the cleaning experts at HappyNest do your laundry, and you’ll see the difference.