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Are you tripping over your roommate's laundry in your apartment?


Are You Tripping Over Your Roommate’s laundry In Your Apartment?

Roommates share a lot; living and breathing space, condiments, furniture, and so much more. Living with someone can be a fun and memorable experience. However, sharing your living space with a messy individual can be hellish, especially if your roommate’s laundry keeps getting in your way. If you find yourself tripping over your roommate's dirty laundry, here’s how you can deal with the situation:

Tell Them About It

Nothing’s harder than talking about your roommate’s laundry with him/her. Nevertheless, telling someone that their laundry habits are disgusting goes a long way in ensuring your apartment stays clean and organized at all times. Rather than raising the issue in an accusatory way, focus on attacking the problem. Chances are that your roommate doesn’t know that you find his/her laundry habits repulsive. However, making them aware that the laundry mess disturbs you will motivate them to clean up.

Lay Down the Rules

From the start, you should lay down the rules regarding laundry while emphasizing that cleanliness in the apartment is pertinent. During the early stages of the tenancy, voice your concerns about what should be done to keep the space clean. In doing so, you won’t have any issues with your roommate’s laundry down the line.

Choose Your Roommate Carefully

The best strategy to avoid tripping over your roommate’s laundry is to live with someone who’s as tidy as you are. You can do this by finding out how your prospective roommate maintains his/her current living space before you move in together. If there’s clutter that you can’t cope with, rest assured that the shared living space will be equally messy. Thus, you can avoid dealing with your roommate’s laundry by finding an organized roommate.

Create a Laundry Plan for Him/Her

Your roommate’s laundry could be getting in your way simply because he/she doesn’t have a laundry plan or an idea about where to have the laundry cleaned. If that’s the case, you can create a laundry plan for the roommate and recommend the laundromat where you get your stuff cleaned.

If you’re looking for a lasting solution to your messy roommate’s laundry, you should give the cleaning professionals at HappyNest a try. We will keep your shared space clutter-free by picking up and dropping off his/her laundry at a time that suits you. Check out our New Jersey locations to see the services we offer.