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Am I really expected to be a new mom and do the laundry?


The postpartum period can be quite frustrating. Besides having a young infant to care for and nurture, you’ll be undergoing lots of hormonal changes that can overwhelm you. One of the things expected of you is ensuring that your little bundle of joy is healthy and clean at all times. 

It all starts with ensuring that he/she always has clean clothes, sleepers, towels, and toys. Even so, one question abounds: should you be the one to do the laundry? Well, the answer to this question is quite straightforward; you don’t. 

How to Make Things Easier for You

The easiest way to stay on top of your baby’s laundry pile while taking care of yourself after birth is by hiring a wash and fold laundry service. You will have the time for all those snuggles and cuddles that come with motherhood. Besides, it also allows your body to recover from the stress of pregnancy and childbirth fully. 

As a new mother, laundry should never be anywhere on your to-do list. Many other things deserve your attention, including dedicating as much time as possible to the young one. With a pickup and delivery laundry company serving your laundry needs, nothing else will be on your mind other than your little bundle of joy. 

A laundry service like HappyNest uses the latest washing machines and dryers to ensure that your baby’s laundry is done to the highest standards. Since kids can get pretty messy, the requisite stain treatment will be provided to ensure that the items are in the best condition. Besides, the equipment that these professionals use ensure minimal damage to the delicate fabrics and linens. 

Since you’re not a laundry expert, you certainly don’t know about the detergents that should be used when washing baby items. This is a non-issue to wash and fold laundry experts because they know all about the recommended detergents for infants’ laundry. When you trust them with your baby’s laundry, rest assured the items will receive the deserved care. 

Are you searching for a laundry company with a dedicated infants’ laundry service? If so, look no more because HappyNest is there to fulfill all your needs. Schedule our pickup and delivery laundry service today and have your baby’s clothes washed by experts.