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5 Essential Laundry Tips for DIYers


5 Wash/Dry/Fold Laundry Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers

For most people, doing laundry is part of everyday life. However, you can easily spend an hour and a half washing one laundry load. If you’re doing laundry for the whole family, you’ll need even more time. This doesn’t take into account the prep work that goes into the laundry and the tasks that follow. Here are five wash, dry, fold tips that will help you save time with your laundry.

1. Sort Your Laundry

The easiest way to stay organized on laundry day is by sorting your garments beforehand. Sort them using parameters such as colors and fabric type. Then, once laundry day arrives, all you’ll need to do is load your washing machine.

2. Monitor Your Load Using a Timer

It isn’t easy to juggle laundry with other tasks around the house. Since it takes time for a wash cycle to end, you can get started on other household chores. Once you get your washing machine going, use a timer to monitor your load while undertaking other equally important tasks in the house. In doing so, you’ll be killing two birds with the same stone.

3. Use a Laundry Mesh

We all want to preserve our fabrics when doing laundry. There’s no better way to do so than using a laundry mesh. Your garments take quite a beating from the intense movement and temperature inside the machine during a wash cycle. A laundry mesh goes a long way in preventing fabric deterioration.

4. Wash Your Clothes Inside Out

It’s a no-brainer that clothes should be washed inside-out. Nonetheless, many of us are guilty of overlooking this simple instruction. When you throw your clothes into a washing machine before turning them inside-out, buttons, pockets, and other embellishments on the garments are likely to get hooked on the machine’s interior components. Thus, they either loosen or, worse still, come off. Washing clothes without turning them inside-out could also weaken the fabrics, especially when washing delicate garments.

5. Wash Your Garments on Cold

You can save yourself a lot of time by ensuring your garments are ready to wear even after washing them. To do so, it’s best to know about the most suitable laundry cycle to use. Generally, using a cold cycle minimizes wrinkling, thus negating the need to iron your clothes later.

Bonus Tip:

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