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4 Ways to Fall Back in Love With Your Laundry


The words laundry and love rarely get used in the same sentence because most of us hate doing laundry. Although love is a somewhat dramatic word, especially when it comes to washing dirty garments, there’s so much you can do to fall back in love with laundry.

Here are four tips that might come in handy:

Sort Your Garments Before Laundry Day

Sorting is the most difficult laundry task. Nonetheless, it’s important because it reduces your workload significantly. Many people hate laundry because of the heavy work that goes into it. When you sort your laundry work early, all you’ll be left with on laundry day will be to load the washing machine. Needless to say, you’ll fall back in love with the task.

Handle Smaller Laundry Piles

You’re likely to hate laundry if you let your pile mount. The task will overwhelm you, and every time you look at your laundry pile, you won’t feel like tackling it. Conversely, smaller laundry piles are more manageable and also give you the motivation to tackle them. Therefore, it’s best to schedule frequent laundry days since it allows you to tackle smaller piles faster and more efficiently.

Organize Your Laundry

Laundry is likely to overwhelm you if it’s disorganized. For starters, you’ll have little motivation to wash your dirty clothes if they are all over your floor. An efficient way to organize your dirty laundry is by buying laundry baskets. They not only keep the dirty garments in one place but also make sorting stress-free. When using laundry sorters in your household, mark them clearly so that everyone knows where their clothes need to be put.

Hire a Laundry Service

You can fall back in love with your laundry by not washing it in the first place. When you hire a laundry service, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having clean laundry all the time without undergoing the stress of doing it. A full-service laundry company will undertake all tasks for you, be it folding, washing, or ironing. Thus, you’ll find more time for other things that matter.

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