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4 Denim Care Tips to Make Clothes Last Longer


These denim care tips will help your favorite clothes last longer, look great, and make you feel amazing every time you put them on. Read HappyNest’s denim care guide.

A nice pair of jeans can last for generations if you know how to take care of denim the right way. Whether you just invested in a brand-new wardrobe staple, received a beautiful gift, or found a vintage gem at a thrift shop, you’ll want to use proper denim care tips to make your clothing last.

Denim gets better with age – the more you wear it, the softer it becomes and begins to form around your unique shape. However, well-loved denim pieces can wear out quickly if they aren’t maintained properly.

How to Take Care of Denim

Here are 4 tips for taking care of denim the right way:

1. Wash Less

This might come as a shock, but you shouldn’t wash your denim every time you leave the house in it! In fact, Levi denim experts say that you should wash your jeans once every 10 wears to maintain fit and encourage shaping to your body. If you notice a stain in between washes, you can use mild soap or a toothbrush or soft cloth to remove it.

Give your jeans a quick scent refresh by placing them in the freezer overnight. This can kill off odor-causing bacteria and help you go a few more days without washing.

2. Gentle Wash in Cold Water

Cold water helps preserve the color of your denim, prevents shrinking, and maintains fabric integrity. Similarly, rigorous washing can damage your jeans, stretch the fabric, and fade that beautiful shade of blue. Turn your denim clothes inside out and wash in cold water on the hand-wash or delicate setting. Alternatively, you can wash your jeans by hand in a bathtub, clean kitchen sink, or 5-gallon bucket.

3. Air Dry

You know that lint trap in your dryer? That’s a collection of fibers from your clothing! Putting your jeans in the dryer – even on a low heat cycle – will cause them to break down faster, shrink, and possibly warp. Additionally, the heat can fade bold colors.

Once you’re finished washing, leave your jeans inside out and hang them to dry inside or on a clothesline in a shady area. The UV rays from the sun can cause serious damage to your jeans. Over time, the sun will turn dark indigo jeans into light wash jeans!

4. Use a Professional Laundry Service

A professional laundry service will use denim care best practices to protect the fabric and ensure longevity. High-quality denim can be quite an investment. You can protect your investment by passing the responsibility to cleaners with years of experience in the laundry care industry.

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