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Laundry Services Myths Debunked


If you run a small business in Morris County, NJ that requires laundry services regularly, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself visiting columns and DIY blogs that offer suggestions on how to do your laundry faster and effectively. However, some of the tips border on the absurd. Here are some common myths about commercial laundry services, which we will debunk:

Adding More Soap Makes Your Clothes Cleaner
Contrary to what you may think, using more detergent when washing your clothes won’t make them any cleaner. It may actually leave the clothes dirtier. That extra cup of detergent in the washing machine creates suds that redeposit dirt onto your clothes. Thus, only use the recommended amount of soap when doing your laundry.

Washing Machines Shrink Your Laundry

Many people believe that washing machines cause clothes to shrink. However, most clothes shrink after getting washed, and this happens for various reasons. For instance, microfiber surgical towels are made with a special type of fabric that shrinks after the first wash. Similarly, some fabric shrinkage results from overdrying. To avoid this, laundry services providers often remove clothing from the drier while still damp to allow air drying.

Hot Water is Used to Kill Laundry Germs

Studies show how water is effective at killing germs. However, this can only happen if the water temperature is more than 100 degrees Celcius. Contrary to popular perception, laundry services don’t use hot water in washing machines. The water heaters of most laundry machines are set at 50 degrees Celcius or thereabout, and thus can’t kill germs.

Most laundry services use disinfectants such as pine oil and chlorine bleach to kill laundry germs. Some modern washing machines also come with a sanitize option that enables them to kill 99.9% of microorganisms during a wash cycle.

Salt is Added to Washing Machines to Prevent Dye Bleeding

Unfortunately, the dye in some clothing such as barber towels tends to bleed during the first couple of wash cycles. You may have come across a suggestion that soaking such clothes in salt before washing them helps to preserve the colors. Well, that’s untrue because salt doesn’t prevent dye bleeding. Instead, it causes extensive damage to the laundry machine.

Key Takeaways

Laundry services are an important part of modern life. As your New Jersey business grows, so does your laundry. To get your clothes fresh and clean, you need to outsource the job to a reputable HappyNest laundry service. If you’re looking to have your laundry cleaned professionally, do not hesitate to contact HappyNest and we’ll get it done for you.