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HappyNest: Let Us Take Care of your Laundry


Whether you are running a restaurant, hotel, beauty salon, medical clinic, or any other small business, using a laundry service frees up precious time to focus on other tasks. Since every business is unique, let’s take a look at the many different commercial laundry service options that are available.

At HappyNest, our commercial laundry service begins with free pick up and delivery, and there are no limits on how much laundry we will process with each order. You can schedule a pick up as late as 4:00 A.M.. on the day you would like your laundry processed. We will deliver your freshly laundered linens to the location of your choice the day after pick up. In the event of inclement weather, your order will be double bagged.


Choose our weekly plan, and we will be there to pick up and drop off on the same schedule every week. Or, if you prefer more flexibility, you can order our commercial laundry service by request. Either way, there is no contract or long-term commitment. You can change or suspend service at any time.


Only need towels laundered? Not a problem. Have bedding you want washed, dried, and folded? You got it. You may also:

  • set up text and/or email reminders
  • select washer and dryer temperatures
  • specify your choice of detergent, softener, dryer sheets, or bleach
  • choose whether you want processed items folded or hung
  • request stain treatment
  • make special requests


At HappyNest, your health and safety and that of our employees are of paramount importance. Our commercial laundry service follows the highest standards and are in compliance with those of the CDC. Our commercial laundry service professionals:

  • wear nitrile gloves while processing laundry
  • sanitize tables and equipment regularly
  • launder all bags
  • dry all laundry completely
  • store processed and unprocessed laundry separately
  • practice social distancing at all times
  • isolate at home at the first sign of illness


Environmentally friendly equipment can be quite costly, especially for smaller businesses. HappyNest’s commercial laundry service is eco-friendly, so you can contribute to the health of our planet without making the hefty financial investment in purchasing state-of-the-art commercial laundry service equipment.

As your business grows, outsourcing your laundry will keep your operations running smoothly while reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money.