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HappyNest Laundry Service is excited to now be in the city of Miami!


Laundry pickup-and-delivery service HappyNest has expanded into the Miami market.

“HappyNest has been very successful with our partners in Palm Beach and Broward counties, and we have found another great partner in Miami, which will allow for widespread marketing efforts throughout southeast Florida,” said HappyNest founder John MacKrell. “We are very excited to have Jesson and Jerry Dolce and their staff joining the HappyNest team.
“The great thing about this partnership is that Jesson was referred from Mykal Tairu, our HappyNest partner in Daytona, who is a long-time family friend of Jesson and Jerry. It brings such pride to know we have successful, forward-thinking partners looking to help us find other great partners around the country.”

The brothers – who own Pine Lake Laundry in Cooper City, Fla. – have been in the industry for nearly three years, and both of them have past experience in retail management.

“We had been contracting with another laundry service in the area, which taught us a lot about how we would do [a pickup-and-delivery service] on our own, but we knew we wanted a partner to help us with marketing, customer service and logistics,” Jesson explained. “After speaking with Mykal at length about his experience with HappyNest, we knew who we wanted to work with. John and his staff have been on point since the day we started our discussions, and we are so excited to start servicing the greater Miami market. It’s also great to have two other existing HappyNest operators in the counties just north of us who we can lean on for help or tips as we ramp up our service.”

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