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Tampa is the first west coast location for HappyNest Laundry Service!


Laundry pickup-and-delivery service HappyNest has expanded into the Tampa, Florida., market.

“We’ve been focused on the east coast of Florida for a few months, and we’ve made great progress there, signing the best production partners in that region,” said HappyNest founder John MacKrell. “Now it’s time to move to the west coast of the state, and Tampa was a huge priority. And John Brennan and his staff will be a great addition to the HappyNest family. We will continue to build our presence along the western coast, as well as in central and northern Florida.”
A 12-year industry veteran, Brennan owns three laundromats in Hillsborough and Pasco Counties and will serve those same markets with his new HappyNest pickup-and-delivery business.

“I’ve had requests for a pickup-and-delivery service from people in the area, but I wasn’t sure it was something I was ready to take on,” Brennan explained. “After speaking to the HappyNest folks a few times, I was convinced I could make this a big part of my existing business without the same headaches of opening another store. They have been at this for a while now and have proven success based on their efforts.”

Brennan’s customers are now able to schedule pickup-and-delivery service with HappyNest throughout the greater Tampa area.

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