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Welcome Ohio and Virginia to the HappyNest Laundry Service family!


Existing businesses adopt laundry pickup and delivery service brand

EAST GREENWICH, R.I. — Tech-enabled laundry pickup and delivery service HappyNest recently expanded with new locations in Virginia and Ohio, the company reports.

“NOVA (northern Virginia) possesses favorable demographics which make it a logical location for our first Virginia roll-out,” HappyNest founder John MacKrell says of the expansion into the Arlington and Fairfax areas. “The success of our Virginia expansion is aided by our partnership with local Laundromat owner Blair Johnson and his family. As a laundry industry veteran, we could not have asked for a better partner in this exciting venture.”

Johnson lives in Fairfax County and owns a chain of seven stores in Alexandria and surrounding areas. His stores offer a variety of services ranging from self-service to full-service wash-dry-fold.

Many Laundromat owners are starting to offer pickup and delivery services to tap a new revenue source.

“As consumer preferences change, a partnership with HappyNest will enhance our growth and target a new non-traditional Laundromat customer,” says Johnson.

While the branding of his stores will remain the same, the existing pickup and delivery service will be rebranded as HappyNest.

In Columbus, Ohio, HappyNest is partnering with Laundry Butler of Ohio, owned by local business executive and laundry industry veteran Bruce Westfall.

“Laundry Butler of Ohio is an ideal partner demographically and has been a leader in the laundry pickup and delivery business in the Columbus area, making this partnership a logical location for our first Ohio roll-out,” says MacKrell.

Westfall, a businessman previously in the large-format printing industry, will rebrand his current Laundry Butler of Ohio business to the HappyNest platform.

During 18 years in the laundry industry, Westfall has experienced the growth in consumers outsourcing home-based chores.

“As consumers continue to experience conflicts in time management and time away from home due to busier schedules, a partnership with HappyNest will enhance our growth and target a new non-traditional laundry customer,” he says.

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