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Washing Your Swim Suit!


Washing Your Swim Suit- HappyNest Providence, RI

Whether you find yourself at Warwick City Park  in Warwick, RI or at Cunningham Park’s pool in Milton, MA, you’ll need your swimsuit. After a long afternoon in the crashing, salty, seaweed laden waves, or the still, cool, chlorinated pool, your suit is going to be in need of a washing. Many might see swimsuits as a minor summer investment with prices ranging from around $30 at stores like Target to $60 or more at athletic companies like Speedo. Regardless of the price tag you pulled off your suit in late April, you’re going to want to make sure it lasts you the year and hopefully even longer. Here are some great tips to keep your suit tight and resilient all summer long.

Rinse Immediately

Speedo recommends rinsing your bathing suit in cold water right after each use. This helps rid the garment of pool chemicals and lake or ocean grime and residues, and that pesky culprit, sunscreen.

Be Gentle

In all aspects of handling your swimsuit, be extra careful. When putting your suit on, or helping your kids with theirs, be sure not to tug on the lining or fabric. Most swimsuits tend to fit more snugly, so the best time to put them on is when they’re dry.

Use Your Most Delicate Cycle

Avoid some of the more vigorous washing machine cycles. Additionally, it might be wise to separate your suits from some of your more durable laundry items like blue jeans or pants with metal buttons or brackets on them.

Air Dry

This recommendation comes from both Speedo and She Finds. NEVER leave your suit in the sun, and avoid leaving it in a dark or damp area as this will increase the chances of mold growth.

Avoid Detergents

Detergents can be harmful for swimsuit materials. To remove any watermelon or sunscreen stains, some vinegar and baking soda should suffice. She Finds suggests soaking the stain in baking soda for 2-3 hours or soaking the garment in a 1-part white distilled vinegar, 3 parts water solution prior to washing.

 It might seem like your suit needs to be pampered, and yes, that is in fact true. But the more you pamper it, the more equipped you’ll be to surf at Narragansett Town Beach or take the kids to the splash pad at Ships Ahoy Indoor Water Park in Norwood, MA. Even better, let HappyNest’s laundry delivery service take care of your swimsuit for you so you can ensure that your family is having the best summer yet instead of wasting valuable sunny days sorting laundry.