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Quality, Stand-Alone Laundry Services in Milton, Pierce County, WA


Cleaning your soiled garments and linen can pose a challenge, especially if you're among those people who require home and commercial laundry. Many brands offer laundry solutions in Milton, WA, making it challenging to find a trustworthy and affordable service. That's why HappyNest decided to expand its services to the city to provide personalized, timely, and safe wash and fold laundry services.

Why Choose HappyNest Laundry Services?

At HappyNest, we strive to distinguish ourselves from other laundry services by looking for innovative ways of ensuring we cater to your laundry needs. Here are some of the characteristics that make us Milton's most trusted laundry folding service.

  • Contactless Laundry Service – The nation might be experiencing the COVID-19 tidal wave, but it's still crucial to ensure safety even when dealing with laundry. Homes, businesses, and schools can benefit from our contactless laundry pickup and delivery solutions. Once you place your dirty linen outside your door, our full-time laundry professional will come to pick it up without having to knock at your door. That way, you can work from home or indulge in your outdoor pursuits without worrying about your laundry pickups.
  • Welcome Laundry Kit – At HapyNest, we provide every new client a welcome laundry kit. It includes a beautiful laundry bag that you'll be using to place your dirty clothes and linen on laundry days. We want to be more than a trusted wash and fold laundry service; we want to be your friend who'll alleviate your hassles when it comes to laundry.
  • Custom-Made Services – We provide personalized laundry pickup and delivery solutions by providing you with a mobile app that lets you tweak our laundry solutions to satisfy your specific needs. Therefore, you can specify the detergents, softeners, dryer sheets, and how you'd like your clothes delivered, whether folded or rolled. Our laundry professionals will ensure they meet your requests and needs.
  • Next-Day Laundry Drop-Off – Once our full-time laundry expert picks up your soiled linen and fabric, they'll immediately embark on the cleaning and drying process to ensure we return it to you within 24 hours. While other services deliver laundry after 48 hours, our next-day deliveries mean you won't ever have to wait to put on your favorite clothes.

You might know how to speed up the laundry process, but that's becomes challenging you can't find the time to cater to your dirty clothes in the first place. Sign up for HappyNest laundry services today and experience quality, personalized, and pocket-friendly services.

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