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Reliable and Professional Pickup and Delivery Laundry Services in Lakewood, WA


Sorting out your soiled laundry, washing, and drying it are some of the most boring chores to many people. The job "eats" up your time, and it only gets more frustrating after splurging your hard-earned cash on a laundry service only to get low-quality solutions. You can change that by partnering with HappyNest. We are a nationally acclaimed wash and fold laundry service dedicated to providing superior, client-focused, and affordable services in Lakewood, Pierce, WA.

Save Time with Our Customized Laundry Services

Always on duty when you call, HappyNest strives to provide timely laundry solutions to ensure that you don't encounter any delays with your laundry. When you sign up for our service, our full-service laundry professional will pick up your dirty garments and fabrics, wash, dry, and deliver them to your specified location on time and neatly arranged.

Doing laundry is a chore that everyone handles their own way. Some like using fabric softeners while others don't; others prefer their socks rolled instead of folded, and other individuals may favor a specific detergent. At HappyNest, your wish is our command. Our flexibility and versatility allow us to tailor our services to suit your specific laundry needs.

How it Works

We provide a hassle-free process to ensure you easily access our laundry solutions whenever you need them. Simply:

  1. Sign UpVisit us online and sign up for our wash and fold laundry service. Specify the frequency you'd like us to pick up and deliver your laundry. It can be after a specific interval; perhaps you'd prefer upon-request services. Whatever your likes, we'll work with you to alleviate your laundry worries. Alternatively, you can download our Android/iOS app and receive personalized notifications on pickup and delivery dates.
  2. Tailor the Service – Are you allergic to a particular detergent? Do you prefer different cleaning and washing techniques for different fabrics? You need not worry because we are a team of full-service laundry professionals seasoned in handling a wide range of materials. We'll deploy the right equipment and detergents as per your requirements so that we do your laundry as you would.
  3. Have Your Laundry Done and Delivered – After establishing your laundry days, we'll send you a notification via our app informing you of the next pickup. Leave your garments outside your front porch, and our laundry service professional will pick up the load at the agreed-upon time. We'll wash it to your specifications, dry, fold, and deliver it within 24 hours.

Do you have a laundry pain point needs solving? Don't look further than HappyNest. Talk to one of our laundry experts today at (855) 335-9274, and we’ll promise to offer you the best laundry services in Lakewood, WA.

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