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How to Get Started with HappyNest in Temple, Bell County, Texas


Here’s what a Texas Google reviewer said about HappyNest’s laundry service, “This service is great, and easy to use. On their website you select wash & dry temps, type of detergent (which they provide), and everything comes back nice and folded.”

HappyNest’s pickup and 24-hour return laundry service is just what the many Bell County residents have been looking for in Texas. No traffic – we pick up your laundry and no delivery fees – we return the very next day. No extra charges – you choose the detergent, the fabric softener, the temperature of your washing water and dryer temperature. Because we provide personal and light commercial laundry service coast-to-coast, we can help you with your laundry needs.

  • We are affordable. Without doing your own laundry and using up three hours a week, at a minimum, we give you back the gift of time to do fun things in Temple, Texas. While rates may vary slightly, yet the per pound rate is around $2. A standard laundry load for an individual, every two weeks, is about 25 pounds. Call or text us at (855) 335-9274 to get the exact rate for your area.
  • We’re local and national. Local to your needs with the top laundry operators in your area, and national in scope to support you with world-class customer service. We’ve got your back in Temple, one of the best places to live in Bell County according to Niche.com.
  • We are ecofriendly. We offer name-brand natural and perfume-free detergent options. If you want white vinegar as your fabric softener, we can do that! All with a smile.
  • We are super-convenient. When you decide it is laundry day, leave your sheets, towels, clothing, etc. outside your door in your giant, blue HappyNest bag (provided to you at no charge). HappyNest will pick it up and return everything to you, washed, folded, and fluffed the very next day.
  • We are flexible. Do you like to have your laundry picked up on the same day every week? We can do that! Do you need flexible pickup days? We can do that by request – your choice! Just let us know how you want to work with HappyNest, and we’ll help you to figure it out.

If you haven’t signed up already, give us a chance with your laundry. Text or call HappyNest today (855) 335-9274 or sign up online to get started today. We want to help you get laundry off your residential or commercial To Do list!

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