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Choosing a Laundry Service in Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville, Tennessee: a frolicking, rocking, rolling, capital city; a city that kicks up its southern heels in style and in so many amazing ways. Aren’t the high-energy notes of guitar and low rumbling singing voices of your city’s country scene the best? Surely, your local music sounds much better than the obnoxious droning of the washer and dryer. HappyNest is a pickup and delivery laundry service that can take away this aural annoyance. If you want to quit the laundry as soon as possible, then we’ve got a list you can use for reference:

  1. Download our app on the App Store or Google Play; or visit our website and schedule your pickup and drop off dates. Whether weekly or by request, HappyNest home laundry service is here to serve Nashville residents.
  2. Customize your laundry preferences. Choose your detergent, softener, dryer temperature, and even how you want your belongings folded!
  3. Leave your dirty clothes in a designated bag on the porch and we will be by for pickup.
  4. You can expect the full laundry service and a twenty-four hour delivery.

HappyNest Laundry Service is the Whole Meal

Let’s talk about Nashville’s fabulous food scene. Prince’s Hot Chicken will have you only eating barbecue, corn bread, mac ‘n cheese, catfish, and fried pickles. Don’t worry about digging in and making a mess. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a local hot spot for hot fried chicken. You may come out of the joint smelling a little too much like the sweet heat of poultry seasoning, but it’s not a permanent problem–HappyNest can assure you! Our pickup and drop off laundry service delivers clothes in their freshest state. Explore our menu of laundry choices from detergents to softeners. The principle importance of laundry is getting your basics down pat.

Have your pick of detergents, from the almost floral tinge of Tide or the calming lavender of Seventh Generation:

  • Tide
  • Gain
  • All Free & Clear
  • Seventh Generation

And don’t forget the softener! We’ve also included a more natural, chemical-free choice for the green-conscious customer:

  • Downy
  • Gain
  • All Free & Clear
  • Downy Free & Clear
  • White Vinegar

We’ll do your laundry your way because our main goals are a) a clean laundry load; and b) a happy customer. HappyNest home laundry service will get the spin going while you are out for a fabulous meal!


A Residential Laundry Service Clearly for You

Who has time for laundry? Especially when lower Broadway bars like Tootsies World Famous Orchid Lounge exists for Nashville cocktail-sippers and partiers alike. HappyNest’s pickup and delivery laundry service never quits, so you can keep on going in the funnest way possible. It’s no wonder that Nashville is a major destination for fun-loving bachelorette parties. And the honeymoon is never over when you have our full service laundry on your side. Say Yes! to the clean dress, and clean pants, and clean shirts. Even our in-house procedures are sterile, so you can feel confident in your choice of laundry service and clean in your freshly laundered clothes:

Tired of Doing Laundry? Let HappyNest Laundry Service Do It For You

  • Your laundry will never be mixed with another customer’s items.
  • Our laundry care professionals always wear nitrile gloves while sorting through clothes.
  • All completed laundry is stored in plastic bags away from uncleaned items.
  • Folding tables are always sterilized in between orders.
  • Laundry bags are always laundered before being returned to customers.

It’s time for you to get rockin’ and rollin’ in the streets of your city of Nashville. Hoisting laundry baskets and sorting through lights and darks is all honky tonk blues and none of that jive that makes the spirit soar. If you’re just plain tired of that boring cleaning and draining drying, then sign up with HappyNest today! And if you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us by email at hello@happynest.com or via phone at (855) 335-9274. Let us help you do life, not laundry!

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