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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Franklin, Tennessee


Franklin, Tennessee, history walks your streets as the sun shines above. As a small city, perseverance has been forged into the stone. And among all that glows, HappyNest can help make your laundry shine as well. With their commercial laundry service, HappyNest is ready to help take care of your clothes for you.

How HappyNest Laundry Service Works:

Sign up on HappyNest’s mobile laundry service app or through the website. Once you enter your location, simply choose what plan works best for you. We offer both a scheduled laundry service option, as well as a by demand choice too.

HappyNest offers a variety of options when it comes to our wash and fold laundry services. Not only do you get to choose between our options of detergents, softeners, dryer sheets, and bleaches, you also decide on any special preferences and folding to your exact specifications.

Laundry shouldn’t be a constant worry in your life. Use our laundry service pickup and delivery to have it cleaned and folded before returning to you the next day.


Benjamin Franklin and Dirty Socks

Established in 1799, Franklin wasn’t actually the first name for this city. The founder, Abram Maury, originally wanted it to be named after his wife, Martha. But Marthaville didn’t seem like the best choice in Martha’s eyes. Instead, the name was changed to Franklin after Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers.

Names are some of the most important choices made when discovering an identity. HappyNest wants to make sure their customers can enjoy their time at home instead of worrying about whose dirty socks are on the floor. With their pickup and drop off laundry service, HappyNest is here to help make home feel more like home.


Farmers Get Dirty Too

It’s only natural to get a little dirty while working outside all day. And everyone has laundry waiting to get done. But instead of spending all morning working on it, spend a Saturday morning at one of the farmers markets in Franklin. From 8 am to 12 pm, stroll on down to The Franklin Farmers Market. Created in 2002 by eight farmers, The Franklin Farmers Market works with keep Tennessee’s farmland growing. And it’s not just for a warm summer day, this market is open year-round. So leave your Saturday morning laundry to HappyNest to take care of.

HappyNest understands how important it is to be involved in your community. With their wash and fold laundry service, you don’t have to worry about the weeks work of smelly clothes.


Farmers markets are a great way to meet locals and find amazing food. The Franklin Farmers Market seems to have everything you could imagine with over 70 vendors participating:

  • Farmers: Get to know the people who make your food. From growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs to packaging meats and cheese, see who is behind the scenes of the food you love. Straight from the farm to you, there’s no better way to meet your community.
  • Baked Goods & Food Vendor: Who doesn’t love some fresh, homemade sweets and savories? While you’re exploring the market, try some of the food made right there. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or are in the mood for something salty, the vendors have you covered.
  • Artisans: This market isn’t just a place for farmers and chefs, but also for craftsmen. Check out some of the talented artisans specializing in their own way. If you’re looking for something one of a kind, what better place to find it than from a hand-crafted shop?

With so much to explore and learn, why not let HappyNest’s laundry pick up service take something off your mind. All you need to do is let them know when and where through the website or mobile app. The drop off laundry service will then leave you with your freshly washed and folded clothes after all the fun.

Never Wash your Laundry Again. Let HappyNest Laundry Service Take Care of That.

In an ideal world, this sounds like a perfect plan. HappyNest is here to make it a reality with their home laundry service. So don’t just live in Franklin, but actually live and experience the city and all it has to offer.

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