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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina


Dirty clothes are a fact of life. No matter who you are or where you live – even someplace as inviting as Sullivan’s Island – your clothes get dirty and you have to do the wash. More often than you think. A typical household machine-washes more than 6,000 clothing items every year. Of course, if you don’t have kids and you’re living a quieter lifestyle here on Sullivan’s Island, your laundry burden may be lighter. But you get our point.

Every load of laundry takes about an hour and a half, and that adds up fast. On the other hand, if you let HappyNest pickup and drop off laundry service do the work, your time commitment drops to zero. Now we’re talking.

Mobile Laundry Service Is the Smarter Alternative

HappyNest is thoroughly modern, so everything is easy. Even more important, we handle your laundry with care, just as you do.

  • Simple – our mobile app makes it easy to sign-up and stay in touch
  • Convenient – we pick up your dirty clothes and return everything to your doorstep beautifully clean and nicely folded
  • Fast – you get 24-hour turnaround on laundry pickup and delivery
  • Personalized – you give us detailed instructions for washing, drying and folding your laundry
  • Eco-friendly – we offer sustainable product options as well as allergy-sensitive alternatives
  • Tech-based – you can use our mobile app (available for iOS or Android) to sign up and stay in touch with us

For example, you can tell us what products to use:

  • Detergent: Cheer, Gain, Tide, All Free& Clear or Seventh Generation
  • Bleach: Clorox or OxiClean
  • Optional softener: Downy or white vinegar
  • Optional dryer sheets: Bounce

You can also give us any special instructions you may have for a load or a single item. No extra charge.

Tell us the schedule you prefer, too. For Sullivan’s Island laundry service, we offer:

  • Regular weekday pickup, or
  • Flexible on-request service, if your needs vary from week to week

We don’t surprise you with hidden fees, and pickup and delivery are always free.

Sign Up, then Kick Back

It’s quick and easy to begin your laundry service:

  • Click here, download our mobile app, or call (855) 335-9274
  • Tell us exactly what you want

Questions? Email us at hello@happynest.com or simply give us a call.

Laundry Service Fits Your Island Lifestyle

Dirty clothes may be inevitable, but delegating the work to professionals makes perfect sense. You can relax with confidence, knowing we’re not only on the job but doing a great job. While we’re busy, you can hop on your bike or paddleboard for an enjoyable ride. You can never get enough of the beautiful scenery around Sullivan’s Island!

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