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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Isle of Palms, South Carolina


So, what do you have planned for this beautiful day in Isle of Palms? Golf with your favorite foursome? Fishing? An afternoon at the beach? This part of the low country is, after all, a world-class vacation destination. Of course, if you live in Isle of Palms, you’re probably not on vacation. You can’t just get out there and play, you have to work. And deal with mundane, everyday chores like doing the laundry.

That doesn’t seem fair, so we’re happy to announce that HappyNest home laundry service is now available right here in Isle of Palms. In other words, you no longer have to do laundry, you can hire a pro to do the work instead. Pickup and drop off laundry service is affordable as well as convenient.

You Will Saves More Time than You Think

Washing clothes is something you do automatically, week in and week out, without giving it much thought. After all, you need clean clothes. But when you tote up all that time you’re spending it’s mind-boggling. A single load takes about an hour and a half to wash and dry. As if you ever have just one load. The average family does 8-10, every week. That’s 12-15 hours – one whole waking day!

No wonder you find yourself running out of time to get all that laundry done.

We’ll Do Your Laundry, and Do It Right

Mobile laundry service is a dream come true. We not only come to your home to pick up your dirty clothes, we wash and dry according to your instructions and bring them back fresh and clean. Really. As one of customers recently told us, “Not only do you return our laundry the next day, but it is sorted by size and folded so nicely! Our laundry service is affordable, and your customer service is awesome!”

You can get this same superb service, right at your own doorstep in Isle of Palms.

You can customize your schedule pick regular weekly service, or flexible by-request service.

You can customize the details of your wash and fold laundry service:

  • Detergent: Tide, Gain, Cheer, All Free & Clear, or Seventh Generation
  • Bleach: Clorox or OxiClean
  • Optional fabric softener: Downy or White Vinegar
  • Optional dryer sheets: Bounce
  • Folding instructions
  • Special instructions for a load or a single item

And, yes, you will get 24-hour turnaround.

Sign Up Now for Isle of Palms Laundry Service

  1. Use our online form, our mobile app for iOS or Android, or call (855) 335-9274
  2. Tell us your preferences

Still have questions? Let’s talk, via phone or hello@happynest.com.

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