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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Bryn Mawr, PA


Did you know that women do 88% of the laundry in American households? That’s no surprise in Bryn Mawr, considering that almost two-thirds of the population is female. Nonetheless, at HappyNest we say let someone else do that chore! That goes for you guys, too.

But we’re not all talk, we make it happen. In fact, we’ve made an app for that, called HappyNest Mobile Laundry Service. Wash and fold laundry service is perfect for college students, professors and everyone else who lives and works in Bryn Mawr because absolutely no one loves doing laundry.

It’s So Easy

All you have to do is stuff your dirty clothes in the official HappyNest bag, then set it out on your doorstep on your scheduled laundry day. We’ll bring it back the next day, everything washed, dried and folded to perfection and smelling fresh. The next day! No worries about running short of clean clothes.

Bryn Mawr residents can choose your schedule: regular weekday service, or by-request service, for those with fluctuating needs.

It’s So Affordable

Regular weekly service costs are relatively low on a per pound basis. And let’s not forget that time is money. You’ll be saving about an hour and a half for every load you don’t do yourself. You can practically see the savings mounting up! You can study more, prepare your lecture notes, spend more time with family or friends, or take a well-deserved nap.

And, if you’ve been a slave to the laundromat or coin-op laundry room all this time, just imagine how much money you’ll save on quarters!

Pick Your Preferences

You can trust HappyNest home laundry service with your clothes because we do laundry according to your specifications. You tell us:

The products you want us to use (or not):

  • Detergent: Cheer, Gain, Tide, All Free& Clear or Seventh Generation
  • Bleach: Clorox or OxiClean
  • Optional softener: Downy or white vinegar
  • Optional dryer sheets: Bounce

Any special instructions for:

  • Water and dryer temperature
  • Unique treatment for a single item or a particular load
  • Sorting and folding instructions

Simply Click to Get Started

  • Download our mobile app for Android or iOS, call (855) 335-9274 or click here to sign up
  • Tell us all about your laundry service and scheduling preferences

In less than three minutes you’ll be off the laundry hook forever and on to something more rewarding. Of course, we understand that you might have questions, so our HappyNest team is standing by with answers about laundry service in Bryn Mawr. Give us a call or drop us an email at hello@happynest.com.

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