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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Roslyn, New York

Choosing the Best Laundry Service in Roslyn, New York

Do you put off laundry until the feeling of soft, clean clothes against your skin is a distant memory? Do you forget that you even had that pair of overalls because they’ve been crumpled at the bottom of your hamper for so long? There’s no judgement here! HappyNest is a pickup and delivery laundry service in New York that helps Roslyn residents put the worst of their chores behind them. You can reach us by phone or online to get started with the laundry support you’ve always wanted and need now more than ever. Are you wondering which steps you need to take to have HappyNest on your team?

  1. Download our app on the App Store or Google Play; or visit our website and schedule your pickup and drop off dates. Whether weekly or by request, HappyNest home laundry service is readily available to Roslyn residents.
  2. Customize your laundry preferences in your laundry profile.

What brands do we have, you ask?

Detergents: Tide, Gain, Cheer, All Free & Clear, Seventh Generation
Softeners: Downy, White Vinegar
Dryer Sheets: Bounce
Bleaches: Clorox, Oxi-Clean

  1. Leave your dirty clothes in a designated bag on the porch and we will be by for pickup.
  2. You can expect the full laundry service and a twenty-four hour delivery.

Taking it Easy in Roslyn, New York: A Laundry Service That Works so You Don’t Have To

Signing up with a home laundry service is a luxury we think you deserve. Equally luxurious is spending an afternoon perusing expressionist paintings at Roslyn’s Nassau County Museum of Art. Are you looking for a stress-free way of passing on the task of laundry? You can choose to receive reminders by email, text or both the day before your pickup so you’ll never forget to leave your hamper or laundry bag on the porch. Our laundry service wants to make sure that you’re never uneasy. If you’re curious about the status of your laundry, just log into your account through the HappyNest website or app to find out when you can expect our driver to arrive, if your clothes have been picked up or returned – and at what time – and even if they’re waiting to be washed, in the wash, or folded, packaged and ready to come home. It’s an easy 1-2-3 step process that is bound to improve your outlook on cleaning, drying, and folding clothing.

A Unique Experience: Curating and Cultivating Your Life in Roslyn

Roslyn is home to an array of flavors. You have your pick from savoring Carne Asada Iron Skillet Tacos from Besito Mexican Restaurant or appreciating the warm flavor of Limani’s chai latte. Do you want to extend your special preferences to how your laundry is done? Our laundry service allows modification on every score:

  • You can choose your water and dryer temperature: from low, medium, to high.
  • You choose which items need to air dry and which can stand the heat.
  • You decide which clothes are folded and which clothes are hung.
But how do I make sure the HappyNest team takes care of my special requests?

It’s pretty easy! Just log in to your account and update your Laundry Preferences adding a note in the “Laundry Instructions” or “Folding Instructions” field. Our employees check your personal laundry profile for any changes every time they process your laundry.

A Wash and Fold Laundry Service That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Are you looking for a cost effective way to experience something new with the kids? Roslyn’s Gerry Pond Park is perfect for a bike ride or a morning detour to feed the ducks. Perhaps you’re looking for an equally savvy way to feel joy when it comes to laundry. HappyNest is a service and we perform our laundry duties in a way that leaves Roslyn residents feeling like they’ve made the most efficient and practical choice. There is no long-term commitment and clients are free to suspend their account whenever they need to. While you’re an active member, however, you can check specific rates on our website by entering your zip code. From there, we bill your credit or debit card directly. We will email you a detailed invoice each time your card is billed and you’ll receive invoice totals by text. You’ll never be left in the dark when it comes to HappyNest!

Making that Final Decision

We aim to make the lives of Roslyn residents easier and cleaner, too. You’ll only ever be a click or a phone call away once you commit to using HappyNest for all your laundry needs. We invite you to explore our website and ask questions either by email at hello@happynest.com or by phone at 855-335-9274. Choosing a pickup and delivery laundry service will be the best decision you’ve made. Let us help you do life, not laundry!

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