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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in New Rochelle, New York


What a great place to live! New Rochelle, NY is one of the Top 20 Most Diverse Cities in America, according to WalletHub. Famous entertainer George M. Cohan may have immortalized New Rochelle as the ''Queen City of the Sound,” but you know it for its more current attributes. Friendly neighborhoods, parks and greenspaces, waterfront, greenspaces, shopping, nightlife, and a great place to work or own a business.

This is a city that comes together and pulls together. And if you weren’t stuck at home doing laundry, again, you could be a bigger part of all that. At HappyNest, applaud that spirit. We want you to get out there and do good things – whatever that means to you -- instead of doing laundry. So our wash and fold laundry service is now available in New Rochelle, NY.

Don’t Do Laundry, Delegate!

Busy moms, Type-A professionals, students, seniors – we all have our reasons for hating laundry day. Or days. But we can all recognize a smarter option when we see it, so let’s make mobile laundry service part of our new normal.

HappyNest replaces the never-ending time and drudgery of sorting, washing, drying, and folding with a simple, full-service laundry alternative that gets the job done. You delegate the work, but it still gets done to your specifications.

Choose your timing – same day each week or a laundry pickup schedule you can alter as needed. We’ll whisk away your dirties on the appointed day and return everything 24 hours later, fresh and folded. Weekly service costs just $1.85 per pound, “by request” laundry service just $1.99 per pound. The pickup and drop off laundry service is free.

Choose your laundry service options:

  • Detergent: Tide, Gain, Cheer, All Free & Clear, or Seventh Generation
  • Bleach: Clorox or OxiClean
  • Softener: Downy or White Vinegar
  • Dryer Sheets: Bounce

Then tell us if you have any special instructions.

It’s Easy to Sign Up for Laundry Service in New Rochelle, NY

Create an account in just three short steps, and start making a list of what you’ll do with all your new spare time.

  1. Sign up on HappyNest’s laundry service app for iOS or Android, on the website, or give us a call at (855) 335-9274.
  2. Enter your zip code to choose your location in New Rochelle, New York.
  3. Answer a few questions about your preferences.

Your HappyNest welcome kit contains everything you need, including a laundry bag. Set it out on the scheduled day, we’ll bring your laundry back clean, fresh and folded the next day.

Your New Normal Starts Now

The pandemic is easing, it’s time to get back into action with family and friends! Laundry service pickup and delivery gives you back a big piece of your life. We’re here to answer questions, at (855) 335-9274 or hello@happynest.com. Or simply sign up now, via phone or online.