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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Manhasset, New York


Manhasset, New York is a picturesque community that offers all of the charm of a small town alongside the convenience and excitement of life on Long Island. From the historic beauty of the Stepping Stones Lighthouse to the delicious meals at Herb&Olive to the bustling city just a few short subway stops away, there’s so much for you to do and see every day.

Unfortunately, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to get to everything that you want to do, what with work, family, and the list of chores that seems to get longer every time you look at it. How’re you supposed to explore Manhasset if you can’t even get out of the house?

That’s where HappyNest comes in. HappyNest is a premium wash and fold laundry service that takes of your laundry, so that you can enjoy all of the beauty and excitement that Manhasset has to offer. It’s convenient, affordable, and the perfect way to give yourself a break from one of life’s most annoying chores.

How to Start Using HappyNest’s Commercial Laundry Service

  • To get started, all you have to do is head online to our website, send us an email, or give us a call at (855) 335-9274. We’ve streamlined the registration process, so you’ll be ready to go in just a few short minutes!
  • Next, let us know how you’d like us to handle your clothes. From detergent brands to drying heat, you have complete control over the entire process, and we’ll always treat your clothes exactly according to plan.
  • Finally, make sure to leave out your clothes on pickup day, and let HappyNest take care of the rest. Your clothes will be washed, folded, and back on your porch by the time you get back from your adventures in Manhasset the next day.

Great Laundry Service at an Even Better Price

At HappyNest, we know that you don’t want to have to choose between a home laundry service and the delicious ingredients at Spinney Hill Farmer’s Market or a night with your family at Manhasset Cinemas. That’s why HappyNest costs around $2.00 per pound of laundry, so that you can take advantage of the HappyNest laundry service and still have plenty of funds left over to spend on your adventures.

Keep Your Clothes Safe and Clean with HappyNest

When you use HappyNest’s pickup and drop-off laundry service, you’ll never have to worry about socks going missing in the wash or your favorite outfit accidentally ending up in someone else’s laundry bag. We make sure to wash every customer’s laundry separately, so that there are never any mixups.

We’re also following strict social distancing guidelines. All of our staff are wearing masks and gloves, wiping down surfaces, and even cleaning laundry bags, all to ensure the help and safety of our team and your family.

So Why Choose HappyNest?
  • HappyNest always does its best to be as convenient for you and your family is possible. Whether you need to schedule an emergency load of laundry or you’re out of town and need a pickup from a new location, HappyNest will work with you to make sure your laundry gets done without too much hassle.
  • HappyNest also offers a diverse array of detergents, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, and bleaches, all so that we can give you the best quality of service possible. We even offer allergen-free variants, just in case you need them.
  • Finally, HappyNest always brings back your clothes looking fresh and good as new. We even offer a stain treatment service, so you know that your clothes will be fine, no matter what your excursions in Manhasset throw at you.
Do Life, Not Laundry with HappyNest!

So whether your ideal afternoon is a shopping spree at Americana Manhasset or biking along the trails in Harbor Woods, HappyNest is the perfect laundry service for you. Let us handle the laundry, so that you can get out of the laundry room and get to know all of the beauty and excitement that is Manhasset. Schedule online, give us a call, or send us an email, and sign up today!

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