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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Huntington Station, New York


Set in the heart of Long Island in New York, Huntington Station is a lovely little town that you are lucky enough to call home. There, you get to enjoy the relaxing calm of a centuries-old town – whether by picnicking at Breezy Park, learning about one of your hometown’s most notable residents at the birthplace of Walt Whitman, or just passing time with your family – while knowing that any excitement that you might want from the big city is just a car ride away.

Wouldn’t it be nice of you could devote all of your time and energy to enjoying everything that makes Huntington Station an incredible place to live? If you didn’t have to worry as much about the dusting, dishes, and – worst of all – laundry that never seem to go away, no matter how hard you work?

Well, if you want to stop obsessing over your laundry and start taking advantage of everything that life in Huntington Station has to offer, then you need to sign up for HappyNest’s wash and fold laundry service. It’s quick, convenient, and the perfect solution to all of your laundry woes.

Huntington Station, Long Island, NY

Get to Know Our Home and Commercial Pickup and Next-day Delivery Laundry Service

HappyNest’s laundry service takes the hassle and work out of doing the laundry, so that you can focus on doing the things that actually matter. While you’re out getting to know Huntington Station better, we’ll wash and fold your clothes and linens to get them ready for the next round of your adventures.

  • With HappyNest’s residential laundry service, doing the laundry is as easy as leaving your laundry bag on your front porch. Our pickup team will collect your laundry, clean it, and have it back on your porch the very next day.
  • Our laundry service is also flexible and fully customizable. No matter how you like to wash your clothes, our team will do its best to give your clothes the same care and attention that you would.
  • Finally, HappyNest guarantees the safety of your laundry, so that you never have to give it a second thought when you should be focused on winning your set at Huntington Indoor Tennis or just enjoying your day in Huntington Station. We never mix customers’ laundry, and we always make sure to double-check the dryers for runaway socks.
Huntington Station, Long Island, NY

Luxury Laundry Service at a Bargain Price

Even better, you can sign up for HappyNest’s wash and fold laundry service without worrying about fitting it into your budget thanks to our super affordable prices. For around $2.00 per pound of laundry, you can treat yourself to HappyNest, and still have plenty of money left over to fund your excursions into Huntington Station, whether that’s a meal at the Bryant or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Huntington Station, Long Island, NY

How to Get Started with HappyNest in Huntington Station

  • First, head to our website (or reach out to us at either (855) 335-9274 or hello@happynest.com) to create your account. It takes just a few minutes to set everything up and start using our incredible laundry service!
  • Next, tell us how you like to wash your clothes. Whether you prefer Tide to Downy or need to schedule pickups for a specific day of the week, we’ll work with you to meet all of your laundry needs.
  • Finally, just make sure to leave your laundry bag out on the right day, and let HappyNest’s home laundry service take care of the rest. You can take in the beautiful artwork on display at the Heckscher Museum of Art or do anything else in Huntington Station that your heart desires knowing your laundry is in our capable hands.

Try Out HappyNest!

So why not give HappyNest’s laundry pickup and drop-off service a try today? It’s the perfect way to get out of the laundry room and into Huntington Station and everything that it has to offer. We’re just a click, email, or phone call to (855) 335-9274 away, so give HappyNest a shot today!

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