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Wash and Fold Laundry Service in Harlem


HappyNest is the leading home and commercial laundry service in Harlem, NY. We’re dedicated to taking laundry off your hands. We not only wash your garments and fabrics but also deliver them to your doorstep — folded. If you need your items laundered, reach out to the HappyNest team. We will be honored to do your laundry.

HappyNest offers its laundry pickup and delivery service in all neighborhoods of East, Central, and South Harlem. We serve both individual clients and businesses. So, sign up on our website to check whether we’re in your neighborhood. If so, sign up and place your order.

There’s More to Life Than Laundry

You have a lot to live for, and so much to do in Harlem. Thus, it makes little sense to waste your time washing laundry, yet you could be doing something more fun and less burdensome. Life will be easier if you let the professionals at HappyNest do the task for you.

HappyNest is the top-rated home and commercial laundry service in the State of New York. Our professionals will handle your laundry with great care. We also use the best-quality detergents and high-end washing machines and tumble driers to ensure a thorough wash.

Our customers’ laundry is always done how they want. Therefore, always feel free to drop in any special instructions on how you want us to wash your garments and fabrics, and we’ll do just that. When signing up before making your first order, we’ll also ask about your laundry preferences. We will keep this in mind when you schedule subsequent pickups and deliveries.

We are Affordable

Other laundry companies in Harlem might charge you an arm and a leg, only to deliver substandard services. At HappyNest, we deliver premium laundry services at the most affordable rates. When you make your first order, we’ll provide you with a discount and a free customized laundry bag.

We also charge our wash and fold laundry services by the pound instead of the number of items washed. Furthermore, the laundry pickup and delivery service is complimentary. Life in New York is expensive, and we don’t want you to spend even more money on laundry.

Our team here at HappyNest can’t wait to wash, fold, and deliver your laundry. It sounds silly, but our focus is to put a smile on your face by supplying you with free laundry. That said, check out our website to learn more about our wash and fold laundry service.

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